Fixed: Amazon Error Code 1061

Are you getting the Amazon error code 1061? It can happen if there is a problem connecting to Prime Video. So, check your network connection first. If the network cable is not connected firmly to your TV, plug the cable properly into the port. To troubleshoot the Amazon Prime Video error 1061, carry out the detailed instructions given below.

Amazon Error Code 1061

Solution 1 : Force Close Amazon Prime Video App

  • On your Android TV, open the Settings menu.
  • Select the Applications option using your TV remote.
  • Choose the Manage Installed Applications option.
  • Locate the Amazon Prime Video app and force close it.

Solution 2: Power Cycle Your Streaming Device & Router

  • Turn off your Fire TV Stick first.
  • Unplug your router and modem from the TV.
  • Wait a few minutes and reconnect the devices using the correct cables.
  • Turn on your TV and open the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Check if the Amazon error code 1061 is fixed.

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Solution 3: Check Network Connection Speed

Sometimes, you may get the Amazon error 1061 if the network connection is not stable. So, try to perform a speed test to check the Internet signal strength. If you have a poor network connection, restart the router and reconnect your TV to your wireless network.

Solution 4: Clear App Data On Amazon Prime Video

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu and select the Application Manager.
  • Look for the Prime Video option and choose Storage.
  • Choose the Clear Data option and select OK to confirm your action.
  • If you use the Amazon Prime app on your Android device, clear the app cache and data.

If the Amazon error code 1061 remains unsolved, reinstall the Amazon Prime Video app. You can consider taking assistance from our technical experts if you are stuck while resolving the error.

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