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Solved: Android TV Error Code 910

Android Tv Error code 910 is an error that occurs when the Google Play Store app fails to install, update, or uninstall an app on your Android device. If you wish to fix the error, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

Method: 1

  • On your Android TV, select the Settings icon to go to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down the window and select Apps & Notifications.
  • In the All apps section, select the Google Play Store app.
  • Select the Storage button from the Google Play Store Info menu.
  • Under Storage, select the Clear Cache button to clear the app cache data.
  • Once the cache is cleared, select the Clear Data button to remove the app data.
  • Close the Settings window and reboot your Android TV.
  • Open the Google Play Store app and check if you can install an app without any errors.
Android TV error code 910

Method: 2

Android TV error code 910 solution are listed below.

  • Remove the external storage devices connected to your Android TV.
  • Now, open the Google Play Store app and check if you are able to install your desired app.
  • After installing the app from the Google Play Store app, reconnect your external storage device.
  • Go to the Settings menu and change the default storage location to Android TV.
  • If you are not able to install the app from the Google Play Store app, go to the Settings window.
  • Select the Security option followed by Device administrators.
  • Next, disable the Google Play Administrator and enable the Find My Device option.
  • Use the Guest account for a few minutes and switch to the administrator account again.
  • Restart your TV and check if the error reappears.

Method: 3

  • Open the Settings window and select Accounts from the displayed menu.
  • Choose your Google account and select Remove/Delete.
  • After removing your account, reboot the TV and re-add your Google account.
  • Open the Google Play Store app and try to install any app.

If the error code 910 problem remains unsolved, contact our technical experts for more solutions and support.

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