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How To Back Up Or Restore Your Quicken Data

Quicken assists you in managing your financial life in an easier way. Quicken software is available for Windows and Mac users. It also has an application for Android and iOS users. It controls budgeting and investment data in one place.
The Quicken tool helps you in managing your money in an effective way. Since all the daily bills and data can be stored in Quicken, it is very important to backup your Quicken data. Follow the steps listed below to backup/ restore the Quicken data file easily.

Restore your Quicken Data:

  • Open your Quicken software. Go to the File menu –> Backup and Restore –> Restore from Backup file.
  • When the Restore from backup file window appears, select Restore from automatic backups or Restore from your backup
  • In case of manual backup restore, click on Browse.
  • Search for the location in which you saved your backup file. You can easily search for the backup file with the help of the correct date.
  • After finding your backup file, click Open and select Restore Backup.
  • You can choose either Overwrite the open file with restored file or Create a copy.
  • Overwriting the file cannot be undone since it replaces the existing data with the backup file. It may lead to data loss for the changes you have done after the backup was saved.
  • It is recommended to select Create a copy to save the data in a new file. Click Restore Backup.
  • Select a location to save the newly restored file and Save it with a new name.
  • If you want to open the restored file, click Yes in the prompted window.
  • To restore an automatic backup, open Quicken and select Backup and Restore –> Restore from Backup file –> Restore from automatic backups.
  • Select Restore Backup from automatic backups.
  • Your backup file will be automatically synced, and the other procedures are the same as manual backup restore.
  • If you have saved the backup file in Dropbox, right-click on the Windows icon and click File Explorer.
  • Select Dropbox from the options and search for the backup file you have saved.
  • Select the Quicken backup file and drag it to your desktop.
  • Launch Quicken tool and follow the above steps to restore the backup file from your computer.
Backup and Restore your data

    Backup your Quicken Data:

    • Launch the Quicken tool and go to the File menu.
    • Click Backup and Restore –> Backup Quicken File.
    • Check Add date to backup file name for easy identification using date.
    • Select your desired location to save the backup file by clicking Change. Save the backup file on your computer or in an external drive. You can also choose Dropbox.
    • To save the backup file in Dropbox, open Dropbox and create a new folder.
    • After selecting your preferred location, click Back up Now.
    • Once the backup process is completed, the ‘Quicken data file backed up successfully’ window appears. Click OK.
    • For Automatic Backup, go to the Edit menu from Quicken and select Preferences.
    • From the Preferences window, select Backup.
    • Check Automatic backups and set your frequency and number of copies. Save the changes by clicking OK.

  If you need some more guidelines to backup and restore your quicken data, contact our technical experts for more solutions and support.

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