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Canon Printer Troubleshooting Guidance | Installation Help
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Canon Printer Troubleshooting Guidance

How to fix Canon Printer printhead Issue?

Canon printers have been designed to reduce the downtime in case of error encounters. To make the Canon printer troubleshooting easier, the printer displays errors with a clear message. One such message is “Printhead not installed.” This indicates that there’s something faulty with the print cartridges, carrier, or the interior of the printer. A step-by-step approach lets you identify the cause of the error.

  • Turn ON the printer and open its top lid.
  • “Hold” on for the cartridge carrier to stop moving.
  • Take a cartridge out of the printer. Check the electrical contacts on the cartridge.
  • Remove if you see any tapes covering the contacts.
  • “Repeat” the above procedure for all the installed cartridges.
  • “Look” for any leaks in the cartridges and clean them.
  • Vacuum clean the ink cartridges to remove dust and residue.
  • “After” installing them back in the printer, close the lid.
  • Power cycle the printer if the error still exists.
Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Solved: Canon Printer Driver won’t Install Issue

  • Check if the USB cable is intact with both the printer and the computer.
  • Switch off the printer. Disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable into both the devices.
  • If the error persists, click Cancel > Start Over > Exit.
  • Remove the installation disc from the computer. Restart the computer.
  • Abort any application software running on the computer.
  • Now, insert the disc again and begin the driver installation process.

Solved: Canon Printer Driver won’t Install on Windows 8

  • Disconnect the printer from your computer and start the installation process again.
  • Establish the printer-computer connection only when prompted.
  • Head to Start > Device Manager > Other Devices.
  • You’ll find a yellow exclamation mark next to your printer name.
  • Right-click it and select Update Software. The suitable drivers are automatically updated.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Navigate to Settings > Change PC Settings > PC and Devices> Devices > Add a Device.
  • Pick the printer to be installed and follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver.

Fixed: Canon Printer Pixma Installation Problem

  • On your computer, move to Settings > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
  • Pick the printer model name Drivers and click Uninstall.
  • Hit Yes to continue if you’re logged onto an administrator account.
  • Remember to run this application only on the administrator account.
  • Select Execute on the uninstaller window.
  • Click Complete when all the files have been deleted.
  • Now, add the printer back to your computer devices.

Fixed: Canon Printhead alignment Error (while Installing)

  • Lift the printer lid and let the cartridges come to the center.
  • Reseat the print heads after removing them all one by one.
  • Switch off the printer and then turn it on.
  • See if the print quality is acceptable by running a test print.
  • Proceed to perform a deep clean if the output is unsatisfactory.
  • On the computer’s Printer folder, pick Maintenance from the printer properties dialog box.
  • Choose Deep Cleaning > Execute.

Canon Printer Remote Desktop Error

  • Head to Start > Computer > Properties > Remote Settings > Remote Desktop.
  • Select Local Resources within the Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Tick the Printers option.
  • Find the Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration option within the Remote Desktop Services menu.
  • Click Connections, right-click the name of the connection > Properties > Client Settings > Redirection.
  • Make sure that the Windows printer is not selected.
  • Ensure that the printer drivers are already installed on your computer. For instant canon printer troubleshooting guidance reach us.
Canon Printer Remote Desktop Error
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