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How Do I Delete My Quicken Cloud Data

Delete My Quicken Cloud Data

On Windows:

  • Open the Quicken software application.
  • Navigate to the Edit menu and choose Preferences from the given menu.
  • Now, click the Cloud Accounts on the left panel.
  • Select the button saying “Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken” on the right-side panel and click OK to proceed.
  • Choose the Cloud dataset which you want to remove and click Delete.
  • The Quicken dataset that is opened at present cannot be deleted.

On Mac

  • Open Quicken and select Preferences.
  • Choose the Connected Services tab at the top.
  • Click on the “See All Cloud Accounts” button.
  • From the Cloud account list, select the dataset that has to be deleted.
  • Then, click on the small ‘minus’ symbol located at the bottom-left corner of the window.
  • Confirm to delete the dataset by selecting ‘Delete Cloud Account.’
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