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Common Dell Printer Error Codes Assistance

Dell printer error codes so that the users can look up the codes on a search engine and fix the issue. Each code corresponds to a particular issue such as communication failure, cartridge overflow, or registry errors.

How to fix Dell Printer Error Code 062-380?

Cause : This error indicates the technical problem (communication failure) of the printer.

Fix : Power off the printer and start it again.

Dell Printer 924 Error 1203

Cause : The cartridges have overflown immediately after you filled ink in it or after several print jobs.

Fix :

  1. Use a damp tissue to clean the ink off the cartridge contacts.
  2. Let the cartridge sit 24 hours after filling ink in it.
  3. Align the cartridges twice before printing.
  4. Run the clean cartridges function a couple of times.
  5. Print a test page to see how it works.
  6. Another way to fix it is by placing the cartridges fully submerged in a bowl of hot water.
  7. Dry it well and then install them in the printer.
  8. The printer will now print without any error.

Dell Printer 944 Error 1203

  1. “Turn off” the printer and “plug” the “power cord” out of the socket.
  2. Reinsert the “power cable” and “switch” the printer on after “30 seconds”.
  3. If the message didn’t return, print a test page and continue.
  4. Pull open the “top cover” of the printer while it is off.
  5. Move the “cartridge carrier” to the middle of the printer with the carrier belt.
  6. “Take away” both the cartridges and then turn the printer on.
  7. Insert the cartridges again and print a “test page”.
  8. Wipe the “cartridges” with a moist lint-free cloth and air dry them.
  9. Load the “cartridges” and check if the issue is resolved.

Dell Printer Error Code 007-371 Solution

Dell Printer Error Codes

Cause: Dell Printer Error Codes 007-371 corresponds to an error in the Photoconductive Unit of the printer.


  1. Power down the printer and restart it after 10 seconds.
  2. If the error is still displayed, remove the paper tray.
  3. Lift open the front cover and place a paper sheet on the transfer belt.
  4. Make sure not to cover the left and rights ends of the belt guards.
  5. Release the four locks on the PHD by rotating them by 90 degrees anti-clockwise.
  6. Use the handles on the PHD unit to take it out.
  7. Remove the packaging tape by pulling it out.
  8. Insert the PHD unit back into the printer and close the front cover.
  9. Begin printing with your printer now.

Solved: Dell Printer Error Codes 016-302

This error code is linked to a corrupt print job and is termed as CPU illegal exception.

Troubleshooting method:

  1. Pull out the cables from the Dell printer and “turn it off”.
  2. “Proceed” to print a test page after turning it on in a few seconds.
  3. On your Windows computer, “go to” Services.
  4. Right-click “Spooler > Stop”.
  5. “Reconnect” the cables and print a test page.
  6. “Uninstall” and “re-install” the Dell printer driver.

How to fix Dell Printer Error 092-670?

The Dell Printer Error Codes 092-670 indicates Calibrating Patch Error. The troubleshooting steps to fix this error include

  1. Open the rear cover of the printer while it is turned off.
  2. Pull down the right side cover.
  3. Unlock the waste toner box by turning its lever 90 degrees anti-clockwise.
  4. Hold the waste toner box handle and pull it out upright without spilling the toner.
  5. Keep the waste toner box upright.
  6. Pull up the operator panel and then the front cover.
  7. Pull the transfer belt unit outside using the loops on both ends of the belt.
  8. Make use of a clean and dry cotton swab to clean the CTD(Color Toner Density) sensor.
  9. Fix this issue also by cleaning the printer.
  10. Put the cleaning rod into one of the four holes until it clicks into place.
  11. Pull the rod out and then repeat the same procedure for the other three slots as well.
  12. Replace the Yellow imaging drum and check if the issue has been resolved.

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