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Epson Connect Printer Setup Download [Simple Steps]

The Epson Connect Printer Setup download Utility is used to enable the Epson Connect service. With the Epson Connect service, you can print emails from any device. It is available for your Windows and Mac computer.

The advantage of this utility is that you can quickly scan your documents to the cloud. So, it is required to download the utility from the official Epson website. Here, in this post, you can find a simple and easy procedure to download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.

Epson Connect Printer Setup Download

Downloading The Software (Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility)

  • On your Windows computer, open a web browser.
  • Visit the official Epson website.
  • On the Epson home page, enter the printer model name in the search bar and then click Search. It directs you to the Downloads page.
  • From there, choose your preferred OS and click GO.
  • You can now scroll down and expand the Utilities option.
  • Click the blue Download button next to the software.

NOTE: Make sure that you’ve completed the basic setup procedure of the Epson printer before registering the utility. You need to set up the Epson printer over a wireless or Ethernet connection.

The software will be downloaded automatically. Now, it’s time to install the software.

Enabling The Utility On Your Windows Computer

  • Locate and double-click the software and continue with the on-screen instructions.
  • You can agree to the End User License Agreement and then click Next.
  • Now, click Install and then click Finish.
  • Select your printer and then click Next.
  • Choose the Printer Registration radio button, click Next, and continue with the further on-screen instructions.
  • The Register a printer to Epson Connect message appears on the screen. When you see that message, click OK.

If you are registering the account for the first time, enter the details in the form that appears on the screen or select I already have an account and then continue with the on-screen instructions.

Finally, click Close.

That’s it. You’ve now seen how to download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.

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