• Epson Projector Lamp Error

Epson Projector Lamp Error

The Epson projector is considered to be the best when it comes to projectors. The projector lamps can come in handy while you are at work planning to do some great presentations or when you want to watch some blockbuster movies at your home. However, the Epson projector lamp could also have some errors. These errors are mainly associated with the LED lights coming from the lamp. There are just a couple of lamp colors that could indicate the Epson projector lamp’s issue.

Epson Projector Lamp Error

If the projector light, the Lamp light, and the temperature light shows RED, 

  • It indicates that the projector is overheated and is turned off. 
  • You have to leave the projector to cool down for a couple of minutes. 
  • You also have the option of replacing the air filter if you find the overheating issue to be continuing.

If the Epson lamp light is flashing RED,

  • It indicates that the lamp is broken. You can open the projector and see if the lamp is broken, burned out, or installed incorrectly. 
  • You have to make sure there is no dust accumulated on the lamp. 
  • Turn on the High Altitude mode if you have the lamp at a high altitude.

Projector not turning on:

  • There can be number of reasons as to why the projector would not turn on. You can implement one of the following methods to turn on the projector and get it into working condition.
  • Make sure the projector is plugged in into a working power outlet.
  • Monitor the temperature lights to see if the device is overheated or shut down completely.
  • You can check the batteries if you are using a remote control to control the Epson projector.
  • Ensure to see if the latches on the Epson Projector Lamp Error are closed.
  • Reset the lamp timer.
  • Make sure the lamp does not go to sleep or standby mode.
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