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Epson Projector Setup Guidance

Epson Projector Setup with your computer is quite easy with the quick steps given on this page. You can connect the Epson Projector and the computer in two ways.

Epson Projector Setup

How to Connect Epson Projector to Computer?

  • Using an HDMI, VGA, or USB cable
  • Using the Wireless LAN module

Epson Projector Wireless Connection

Carry out these steps to complete wireless Epson projector setup on a Windows computer:

  • Make sure that the computer is installed with a wireless card or built-in wireless interface.
  • Turn off the Epson projector and unplug the power cord.
  • Open the air filter cover by sliding the air filter cover latch.
  • Remove the wireless LAN module stopper.
  • Plug the wireless LAN module into the projector and refix the wireless LAN stopper with mounting screws.
  • Close the air filter cover and reconnect the power cord to the projector.
  • Turn on the projector and press the Menu button on the remote control.
  • Select the Network option followed by Network Configuration.
  • Choose the Wireless LAN menu followed by Wireless LAN.
  • Select Connection Mode and choose either the Quick or Advanced option.
  • After selecting the connection mode, press the Esc button to go back to the Wireless LAN menu.
  • If you have selected the Advanced connection mode, choose the Search Access Point option and press the Enter button.
  • Select your wireless network’s name with the help of the navigation keys.
  • Enter the network key using the projector remote and select Finish.
  • Choose the IP Settings option and enter the projector’s IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
  • Make sure to disable the IP Address Display and SSID Display settings.
  • Press the Esc button and select the Complete option.
  • Select Yes to save your settings.
  • Now, install the network software on your computer and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Epson projector setup.
  • Once the software installation is complete, you can access the projector remotely from the computer.
  • Epson Projector HDMI Cable Connection

    Follow these steps to connect your Epson projector and the Windows computer using an HDMI cable:

    • Take a standard HDMI cable and connect one end of it to the computer’s HDMI port.
    • Connect the other end to the Epson projector’s HDMI port.
    • Power up the projector after connecting its power cord to an electrical outlet.
    • Wait until the projector’s Standby light turns into solid blue.
    • Slide the A/V Mute panel or door to open the lens on the projector.
    • Once the printer is turned on, select the Home screen options using the remote control.
    • Configure the basic settings and adjust the image.
    • Press the Source Search button if the image is not displayed.
    • On your Windows computer, open My Computer and give a double-click on the Epson software icon.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts in the Epson USB Display software to complete the Epson projector setup & installation process.
    • Now, the Epson projector has been installed on your computer.
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