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Steps: External CD Drive Connect To TV

Various types of electronic devices are available these days that many people wish to connect to their televisions such as video game consoles, cable boxes, Blu-Ray players, DVD players, stereo receivers, and CD drives. External CD drive connect to TV is quite simple and enjoy music via your television speakers.

Instructions to connect the CD drive (Player) to TV:

  • First, switch off both the devices (TV and CD player).
  • Now, take the audio jacks of the RCA cable and connect it into the output slots of your CD player.
  • The RCA cable will always be in a tri-color (yellow, red, and white). The red and white jacks of the cable will be used for audio connection.
  • Now, connect the red RCA jack into the red output slot of the CD player.
  • Connect the white RCA jack into the white output slot of the CD player.
  • Next, the other ends of the RCA cable must be connected to the LCD television’s input slots.
  • Almost all the LCD televisions come with more than one input jack.
  • It is also important to remember into which input jack the CD player is plugged into.
  • Now, switch on both the devices (Television & CD player). Choose the input where the CD player is plugged onto your television. Make use of the controller to scroll through the various inputs.

Load the CD into the CD drive to play it. If there is an issue while perform external CD drive connect to TV, contact us and get your problem resolved quickly.

External CD Drive Connect To TV
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