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Why The External CD Drive For Mac Is Not Working?

Not all Mac models come with a built-in optical drive. If you’re using the Mac model that doesn’t have the optical drive, then you can use an external drive like Apple USB SuperDrive to write and access data using a CD/DVD. There are also many other external drives that support the Mac OS. You can also use the Remote Disc feature of your Mac to access the optical drive of another Mac or Windows computer. There is a chance for an error to occur while connecting, installing, or accessing the drive on Mac. On this web page, we’ll cover the solutions for the external CD drive for Mac not working issue.

external CD drive for Mac not working

Basic solutions

Initially, check if the connected CD drive is showing up on your Mac. If not, then check the following conditions:

  • Check if the external CD drive is connected securely, using either a USB cable or an HDMI cable. If not, connect the cable correctly.
  • Make sure that you are not using a faulty cable for the connection.
  • Check whether your Mac’s USB or flash drive port is working by connecting some other external device to the same port. If that particular port is damaged, then try connecting the drive to the other port.
  • Make sure that you’re trying to connect the drive that is compatible with your Mac.
  • Check if the light on the drive is blinking. If not, the problem is with the drive.

Reboot your Mac

If none of the basic solutions could resolve issue, then restart your Mac.

  • Click the Apple menu, select the Restart option, then click the Restart button on the confirmation dialog box.
  • Make sure to disconnect the CD drive from the Mac while restarting the device.
  • After restarting your Mac, connect the external drive to it.
  • Now, check the drive is working or not.

To get remote assistance in resolving the CD drive for Mac not working issue, contact us.

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