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Error h505 Quickbooks 2018

When there is a multi-user hosting setup problem, this error message ‘H505’ appears. Something is preventing the computer from enabling the multi-user hosting mode. So, consider these suggestions:

Steps to Fix the error h505 Quickbooks 2018

  • Keep the Host multi-user access turned on only on the computer (server) that hosts the company files. Turn off the Host multi-user mode on other computers in the workstation.
  • Open QuickBooks on any computer in a workstation to disable the Host multi-user feature.
  • Click the File menu.
  • Select Utilities from the list and choose ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.’
  • If you do not find ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access,’ then move to the next workstation.
  • Check all the computers in the workstation, then verify whether the main server computer has enabled the option.
Error h505 Quickbooks 2018
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