How to Access Configure Router?

Key in the IP Address of your router in the Address bar of your web browser. Key in the user name and password of the router. Click OK. In Below Provide the Guidance for How to Configure Router.

How to Open Router Configuration Page?

  1.    Open your computer’s web browser.
  2.    Type the IP Address of your router in the search bar.
  3.    Press the Reset button at the back of the router for thirty seconds if you don’t know the IP address.
  4.    Type admin for User name and the password. Click OK.
  5.    Change the password if required.

How to TP-Link Router Configuration?

  1.   Power on the router using the Power switch on the back of the device.
  2.   Find the default SSID and WPA2 key on the bottom of the device.
  3.   Navigate to in your web browser.
  4.   Enter the user name and password, which are both admin.
  5.   Click Login. Click Next in the Quick Setup tab.
  6.   Configure the settings and tap Next.

How to Mikrotik Router Configure?

  1.   Search the IP Address of your router in your web browser.
  2.   Select WebFig from the list on Main RouterOS page.
  3.   Go to System—>Users after typing your login credentials.
  4.   Add and remove users of the routers.
  5.   Change the password if necessary.
  6.   Complete the Setup and click OK.

How to DHCP Router Configure?

  1.   Set an IP address on the router’s Ethernet port.
  2.   Make a DHCP IP address pool for the IP addresses you wish to use.
  3.   Choose the network and subnet for the addresses you want from the pool.
  4.   Type the DNS domain name for the clients and the primary and secondary DNS servers.
  5.   Exit the Pool Configuration Mode.

How to d’link Router Configuration?

How to D'Link Router Configuration
  1.   Visit the router’s IP address in your browser.
  2.   Enter the login credentials if you have not changed the original settings. Else the username is admin.
  3.   Click the Manual Internet Connection Setup option at the bottom of the window.
  4.   Type the OpenDNS addresses in Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server fields.
  5.   Select Save Settings button at the top.
  6.    External factors are also responsible for overheat and battery drain.

How to ACL Router Configuration?

  1.   Create an IP named access list to filter source addresses and destination addresses.
  2.   Apply an Access List to an Interface.
  3.   Enter the configuration commands in the command line interface.
  4.   Access the global configuration mode of router and enter commands to ACL20.
  5.   Verify the implementation using the ping command.
  6.   Edit or update standard ACL if it is created from modern configuration style.

How to NAT Router Configuration?

  1.   Type the command enable and configure terminal.
  2.   Key in the local and global IP followed by the command ip nat inside source static.
  3.   Now, input interface type number—>ip address—>ip nat inside.
  4.   Exit the process. Repeat the above procedure and type the command ip nat outside.
  5.   End the process once the How to Configure Router Process is complete.

How to Save Router Configuration?

  1.   Type the command enable and configure terminal.
  2.   The current running configuration is displayed when the show running-config command is entered.
  3.   Key in the command copy running-config startup-config.
  4.   Now, type copy run start.
  5.   The current configuration is saved to the startup configuration file

How to Backup Mikrotik Router Configuration?

  1.   Log in to your MikroTik Router using Winbox.
  2.   Click on Files menu—>Backup button.
  3.   Put your Backup file name in the Name input field.
  4.   Tap the Backup button. Drag and drop the backup file to your computer.
  5.   Use any FTP client to download this backup file to your computer.

How to Erase Router Configuration?

  1.   Sign in to the router and enter the command enable.
  2.   Enable password—>configure terminal—>config-register 0*2102—>end.
  3.   Type the write erase command to delete the current startup configuration on the router.
  4.   Enter reload to reload the router. Input no when the system prompts you to save the configuration.
  5.   The router is reset to its original factory defaults.

What is a Characteristic of a Role-Based CLI View of Router Configuration?

  1.   The Role-Based CLI Access feature allows the administrator to define “views.”
  2.   Root view is the highest administrative view. Creating and modifying a view or superview is possible only from root view.
  3.   CLI views require AAA new model. It is necessary even with local view authentication.
  1.   A maximum of 15 CLI views can exist in addition to the root view.
  2.   CLI views provide a more detailed access control capability for network administrators.
  3.   It improves the overall security and accountability of the Cisco IOS software.
  4.   This feature associates only one view name to a particular user.

What is Router Configuration Software?

  1.   Configure your router to the network to communicate with your network components.
  2.   The router configuration software can make wide-scale and regular changes in very less time.
  3.   On the configuration software window, define config changes once and use change controls to approve.
  4.   Saves time when you need to troubleshoot or audit configs.
  5.   The software templates are user-definable and reusable. Hence, they are ideal for routine changes.

What is Secure Router Configuration?

  1.   It is necessary to use the most updated security tools while it comes to router configuration to protect the network.
  2.   Conduct router connectivity and authentication tests regularly to verify the router’s security.
  3.   Use automated tools to carry out vulnerability tests on the router.
  4.   Tests can also be conducted on the router for port vulnerabilities, vulnerable firmware, or malware attacks.
  5.   Connect devices to your router only after proper authorization process.

Why can’t I Access Router Configuration Page?

  1.   The first method to solve this is to perform checks such as proxy/firewall diagnostics.
  2.   If the initial configuration had changed due to some reasons, try configuring it as per your requirements.
  3.   Reset the router to factory defaults and check if you can access via a hardwired Ethernet connection.
  4.   Go to Control Panel—>Network and Sharing center—>View device webpage.
  5.   A window with the router’s IP address home page similar to the configuration page opens.

Which TCP/IP Configuration Parameter Identifies the Router?

  1.   Hostname, DHCP client, Domain name, IP address are some of the basic TCP/IP configuration parameters.
  2.   The default gateway finds the router to which packets for remote networks are sent.
  3.   The subnet mask detects the portion of the IP address.
  4.   The WINS server address identifies the server used to resolve NetBIOS host names to IP addresses.
  5.   DNS server is used to resolve host names to IP addresses.
  6.   The alternate IP address identifies IP addressing information to be used when DHCP server can’t be reached.
  7.   The hostname finds the logical name of the local system. Detailed Guidance for How to Configure Router Given Above.
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