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How to Use Infocus Projector?

Insert one end of the VGA cable into the port in your computer. Connect the projector with a power supply with the Power cord. Take away the lens cap of the projector and power it on. Search Projector in Windows; connect to a projector. Select a PowerPoint presentation to begin the presentation.Learn How to Use Infocus Projector Here.

How Do I Show Screen on a InFocus Projector?

  1. Connect the projector to your computer.
  2. Switch on the projector; remove the lens cap.
  3. Right-click on the Home screen of your desktop and select Screen Resolution.
  4. Choose Extend these displays option within the Multiple displays tab.
  5. Click OK. Use the Fn keys to operate the monitor.

How Do I Adjust the Screen Size on Infocus Projector?

  1. Press the Screen Fit button on the projector’s control panel or on the remote.
  2. Alter the projector- screen distance until you get a clear view on the screen.
  3. Zoom into the computer’s content until its border extends beyond the edges of the screen.
  4. Find the message on the screen and press the Screen Fit button again.
  5. Use the navigation keys on the control panel to fine-tune the size. Press Esc once done.

How to Flip Image on Infocus Projector?

  1. Switch on the projector and display the required image on the screen.
  2. Go to the Menu button.
  3. Navigate to Settings—>Image—>Select ceiling.
  4. If the Ceiling mode is enabled, uncheck the option.
  5. The image on the screen is flipped.

How Do you Zoomout on a Infocus Projector?

  1. Connect the video source to the ports on the back of the projector.
  2. Adjust the correct height and release the button to lock the position in its place.
  3. Find the toolbar icons on the projector’s control panel.
  4. Toggle Enter/Select to zoom out the picture by x4,x3,x2,x1,x0 in sequence.
  5. Press Menu key to exit from it.

How Do I make Infocus Projector Full-Screen?

  1. Connect the laptop to the InFocus projector.
  2. Right-click the blank space of the desktop and choose Screen Resolution.
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Navigate to Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel—>Built-in-Display—>Scale Full Screen.
  5. Hit OK. The built-in display will be in full screen.

How Do I Duplicate my Screen on a Infocus Projector?

  1. Tap the Windows logo key on the keyboard.
  2. Press the key P to bring up the projector screen.
  3. Make use of the navigation keys to select the options.
  4. Choose Duplicate to display the laptop’s content on the projector screen.

How Do you Hide the Screen on a Infocus Projector?

  1. While the screen is active, press Ctrl+Alt+Del—>Enter.
  2. Select the Lock this computer option.
  3. Another method is to press Windows key+L—>Enter.
  4. These techniques work fine on Windows 7 and 8 without having to enable the Show Desktop icon.
  5. These methods will minimize all the windows and programs running on the desktop.

How Do I get Windows 10 out of Projector Mode?

  1. Keep the computer on.
  2. Press the FN and F8 keys on the keyboard at the same time.
  3. This method allows you to switch between the projector mode and display mode.
  4. Another method to switch to display mode is to navigate to the Display Properties on the desktop.
  5. Move to the Advanced Mode option and check to make sure it is set to the display mode.

What is the Best Distance for a Infocus Projector?

  1. Measuring your seat to screen distance comprises of several factors such as the seating arrangement, screen size, and image resolution.
  2. With the increasing image resolution of your projector, shorter the seat to screen distance needs to be.
  3. It is essential to measure the maximum and minimum distance while using a projector.
  4. The minimum distance is given by multiplying the Width of your screen by 2.
  5. Multiplying the screen width by 5 gives the maximum distance at which the audience can be seated from the screen.

How Do I Switch from Computer screen to Infocus?

  1. Press and release the P key while holding the Windows key.
  2. Choose the Display option you prefer.
  3. Click Enter after making use of the navigation keys to select.
  4. Click Duplicate to share the image on the projector.

How to Use Infocus Projector with TV?

  1. Insert the video cable into the video port on your TV’s dish box.
  2. Connect the cable wall outlet to the antenna and the TV with a coaxial cable.
  3. Power on the projector and the TV.
  4. Enable the TV mode in the VCR.
  5. The TV programs are displayed on the projector screen.

How Do I Connect Xbox One to Infocus Projector?

  1. Insert the Xbox AV connector to the AV port on the Xbox.
  2. Insert the other end of the connector to the projector’s composite port.
  3. Attach the audio connectors to the projector or an audio receiver.
  4. Switch on the projector and the Xbox.
  5. Upon inserting the game disc, the Xbox games can be played.
  6. Follow the above procedure even if you are using other cables such as S-video cable.

How Do you Connect Sound to a Projector?

  1. Connect an audio cable to your computer and to the Audio connector on the projector.
  2. If you don’t find an Audio connector, use an adapter.
  3. While connecting video devices, connect the audio cable directly to the projector to get sound from the built-in speaker.
  4. Adjust the volume from the remote control.

How to Use Infocus Projector with Laptop?

  1. Turn off your laptop and ensure that all AV cables are connected to it.
  2. Hit the Laptop button on the AV control panel. Give it a minute to warm up.
  3. Now, switch on the laptop and move to the next screen.
  4. Press the Windows and P keys together to activate the secondary display.
  5. Use Navigation keys to choose the options.
  6. Select Duplicate to display the same content on both your laptop and the projector screen.
  7. Select the option Extended to display different content on your laptop and the screen.

How Do I Connect Smartphone to Infocus Projector?

  1. Download and install the EZ Display app on your smartphone.
  2. Launch the app and select your device.
  3. Enter the 4-digit passcode shown on your projector.
  4. Select the image to be projected from the Photo Gallery.
  5. Configure the settings as per your wish. You can even draw on the image.
  6. The image appears on the screen.

How Do I Connect Laptop to Infocus Projector with HDMI?

  1. Turn on the system and choose the button for laptop.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to your laptop’s HDMI port.
  3. Plug the HDMI adapter into the laptop and connect the cable if your laptop doesn’t come with an HDMI port.
  4. Turn on your laptop. The laptop image will be projected on the screen.

How Do I Project Laptop to a Infocus Projector Wirelessly?

  1. Connect the computer and projector over the same wireless network.
  2. Plug in a wireless dongle to the USB connector on the projector.
  3. Go to Settings—>WiFi—>AP Mode. Select WLAN from the source list.
  4. Follow the above procedure and enable the Client mode.
  5. Open the AP Info page entering the IP address of the projector.
  6. Download the EZ display application on your PC.
  7. Project the desired message through this application on the screen.

How Do I Reset Infocus Projector?

  1. Carry out a factory reset on the projector menu if the InFocus logo appears blurry.
  2. Go to the Main menu on the projector’s control panel.
  3. Navigate to Settings—>Service—>Factory Reset.
  4. Tap the highlighted option.
  5. The settings of the InFocus projector are set to its factory set values. In, Above Provide a Detailed Guidance for How to Use Infocus Projector, Still you have any Doudt Contact Us.
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