How to Access Router?

Open the web browser on your system and enter the router’s address. Enter the user name and password if it prompts to do so and make the necessary changes and secure your network. Below we provide the guidelines for How to Access Router.

How to Access Router Remotely?

  1.   If your router supports the web access, log in to it, and choose the router configuration option.
  2.   Enable the HTTPS connection keeping your connection secure.
  3.   Now, type https:// and then the IP address of your router. You can start accessing the router from any network.
  4.   If your router does not support remote access, enable the Remote Desktop Connection.
  5.   In the Remote Connection Window, type the IP address of your home router, and click on the Connect option. Start using your router easily now.
how to access router on mac

How to Access Router on Mac?

  1.   Open the Apple menu on screen by tapping the Apple icon.
  2.   Choose the System Preference from the list and select the Network option.
  3.   Click on the Advanced option and TCP/IP tab. Make a note of the number next to the router option.
  4.   Now, start accessing your router by typing the router’s IP address on your browser and logging into it.
  5.   Review the router settings, make the necessary changes, and secure your network.

How to Access router IP Address?

  1.   Open the command prompt (cmd) window.
  2.   Type the command ‘ipconfig,’ and press the Enter button on your system.
  3.   If you want to view the router’s web-based setup page, enter the gateway URL in your Address bar.
  4.   Start using your router’s configurations and perform the necessary changes.
  5.   Secure your router and access it remotely.

How to Access Netgear Router?

  1.   Install the Netgear Desktop Genie, and open the software on your local system.
  2.   Click the Router Settings option and Remote access. Choose the Sign Up option to create a Remote Genie account.
  3.   Click Ok, and enter the mail id to confirm the access.
  4.   Log in to your Remote Genie account and click Ok. When you are not using the account make sure you log out of the session.
  5.   You can have a look at the network configurations by logging in to your account.

How to Access TP Link Router?

  1.   Open your computer’s web browser, and key in the IP address of your router.
  2.   Log in by typing the username and password. Click on Access Control—> Target and Add New option.
  3.   Enter the IP address, and the corresponding port number will be filled in the Target Port automatically.
  4.   Select the Domain name and Domain mode. You need not type the full address, you can just type Google, and the rule book will block any domain.
  5.   Save all the settings by clicking the Save option.

How to Access Router Xfinity?

  1.   Make sure you are connected to a network. You can connect to your network using a wired or wireless connection.
  2.   Open a new browser and type This is the router’s gateway, and it will direct you to the login page automatically.
  3.   Enter the Username and Password. Make sure you enter the credentials correctly as it is not case sensitive.
  4.   Change the password by clicking on the Change Password option which is located on the top right of the admin panel.
  5.   Click Save and proceed with the process to speed up your Wi-Fi connection.

How to Address a Router?

  1.   Open any web browser for example Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.
  2.   On the search bar enter the IP address of your router and press the Enter button.
  3.   To know the IP address of your router, open the command prompt, and enter the command ipconfig.
  4.   If you use Mac OS, you will have to enter netstat -nr. Linux users should enter the route option.
  5.   This will display the Default Gateway on the prompt screen, and that will be your IP address.
How to Address Router

What is the Code to Access Router?

  1.   In case you are using the Windows operating system, you will have to press the Windows and R key to open the command prompt.
  2.   Enter the command ipconfig, and note down the Default Gateway to know your IP address.
  3.   In Mac systems, open the Utilities, and double-click the Terminal option.
  4.   Type the command netstat -nr, and note down the Default Gateway address.
  5.   Use the browser and type the IP address. Log in to your account and go through the network configurations.

How to Solve a Router Access Point Channel Conflict?

  1.   Firstly, try decreasing the distance between your printer and remove any obstacles from its way.
  2.   Click the Start button on your Windows operating system. Type cmd on the search bar, and choose the Run as Administrator option by right-clicking on it.
  3.   Type ipconfig in the command prompt. Make a note of the Default Gateway.
  4.   Enter the IP address on a browser; then you will be redirected to the login page.
  5.   Enter the credentials accordingly, and choose the Wireless Settings option from the list of the menu displayed.
  6.   You will be shown a variety of settings. Change all the necessary settings with respect to your preference.
  7.   Now, you will have to save the changes you made by clicking the Save button.

Router Troubleshooting Guidance

I can understand your issue. If you cannot find your router while trying to access, connect your router through the web interface, and log in to your account. Perform all the necessary changes and save them.

Why can’t I Access Router IP Address?

  1.   If you don’t know router’s IP address, try knowing it using a different system.
  2.   Try to access the IP address from a different operating system.
  3.   Check if the firewall in your system is not allowing you to access the same.
  4.   If so, unblock the firewall, and provide the access for the IP address.
  5.    Start your PC in Safe Mode.

Why can’t I Access Router Settings?

  1.   Connect your system with the Ethernet cable by inserting its one end to the router’s LAN port.
  2.   Check if the Internet’s LED is lit. If not, try troubleshooting the light status error.
  3.   Try moving the cables to different ports, and if you still face the issue, then troubleshoot the light status.
  4.   You cannot access the router settings if your adapter is not working. To know if your adapter is working, check if the adapter is lit or not.
  5.   If the adapter cable is not made by Netgear, then contact the manufacturer.

Why can’t Connect to TP-Link Access Point?

  1.   If you cannot access your TP link router, then check if you have made all the physical connections proper.
  2.   Make sure that your computer device has an IP from the TP-Link to allow the access.
  3.   Input your Gateway router on the search bar of your browser.
  4.   Check if the Firewall is blocking and not allowing you to access this particular site.
  5.   The anti-virus that you have installed can also prevent you from accessing the router. Check with the software and unblock the router.

Why can’t I Access Asus Router?

  1.   Connect the cable using the router cable with your system and the router.
  2.   Click on Start—-> Control Panel —-> Network and Sharing Center option.
  3.   Choose the Change Adapter Settings, and select the adapter that you have set.
  4.   Right click on the router and click on the properties option to disable IP’s proxies that are available.
  5.   Disable the firewall and reset the router. Now, see if the issue has been solved.
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