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How to Block a Number on Android?

Talking to someone over the phone is a very good way of connecting with friends and family. It’s a way to form a bond like no other means when you are away from home. But talking or texting someone is not always a blessing since you might be filled with spam calls and messages. It does get on your nerve, doesn’t it?.You do have a solution to get rid of that particular number for good, blocking the number. With the blocking feature, block a number on Android phone, it makes life easier for you and keeps you away from unnecessary calls and messages.

There are three methods to block a number on our Android phone:

block a number on Android

Method 1: Contact List

  • Blocking a number on the contacts list can be done only when you have saved the number on your phone.
  • So, make sure to save the number with a name.
  • Open the contacts list on your phone.
  • Scroll to locate the number.
  • Tap the three-dotted icon located on the right side of the contact.
  • Tap the Block Number option from the list.
  • Confirm the selection by tapping the block option again when prompted, and the selected number will be blocked.
  • If how to block a number on Android device presists, try another method.

Method 2: Call Logs

  • Open the call log on your Android phone.
  • Tap the three-dotted icon on the top right corner of the call log screen.
  • Tap the Settings option, navigate and tap the Blocked Settings option.
  • You will have two options to block a number:

Block by Keyword:

  • Enter a proper keyword. 
  • (Example: Contact name is SPAM, enter SPAM in the keyword field) any number that is associated with the word SPAM will be blocked.

Blocked by Numbers:

  • Locate and open the Blocked numbers option from the Blocked settings.
  • To move a number to the block list, tap the + icon located at the top-right corner.
  • You will see a pop-up Block calls and texts from- enter the number and tap the Block option.
  • The number will be saved to the block list on your Android phone.

Blocking from Stock Android Phone:

Stock Android means the Android OS is installed in the mobile without any changes in the user interface. Some common examples are Nokia, Motorola, Google Pixel, etc.You can follow the same two options given above to block the number on a stock Android phone. One more method to block a number is through the Settings menu.

  • Launch the Settings menu from your Android phone.
  • Navigate through the settings, Call > Call Rejection > Auto Reject List > Create.
  • When a search box opens, enter the phone number you want to block.
  • The number will be added to the block list.
  • Still, the block a number on Android problem is not fixed OR remote assistant contact our experts.
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