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How to Change WiFi Name and Password with IP Address

The common IP address used by many modems and routers is You can access your wireless router to change settings, Wi-Fi name, and password with this IP address. It is recommended to change the network name and password for security reasons since the chances are high that many of your neighbors are using your router’s signal.

On VPN router:

  1. Connect your computer to the wireless network router via Ethernet or wireless. 
  2. Open the computer’s web browser.
  3. Enter
  4. Log in to the router’s account with the known credentials.
  5. By default, the username is admin, and the password is password (until changed earlier).
  6. Navigate to NetworkBasic
  7. Scroll down to the Wireless section of the page.
  8. Type the new network name in the SSID field space.
  9. Enter the new password in the Shared Key field.
  10. Hit Save.
  11. Reestablish connections with wireless devices.

On a DD-WRT Router:

  1. Connect your computer with a DD-WRT router either by an Ethernet cable or wireless.
  2. Click open the web browser.
  3. Input the following IP address: in the browser’s address field.
  4. Go to the Wireless tabBasic Settings
  5. View the Wireless Physical Interface section.
  6. Enter the new Wi-Fi name in the Wireless Network Name (SSID) field. Hit Save.
  7. If the router has more than one wireless radios, change the SSID in each Wireless Physical Interface section.
  8. Go to the Wireless Security page.
  9. Choose the preferred security protocol from the Security Mode option.
  10. Use WPA2 Personal for the Security Mode and AES for the WPA Algorithms.
  11. Once the security mode is changed, the page reloads.
  12. Click Apply Settings.

On a Linksys Router:

  1. Build a wireless network connection. 
  2. Launch the web browser and enter the router’s IP address.
  3. Log in with the username: admin & password: admin.
  4. Select Wireless TabBasic Wireless Settings pageManual
  5. In the Network Name field, enter your Wi-Fi name in the SSID field.
  6. Click Save Settings.
  7. Proceed to the next step if you are using an Ethernet cable.
  8. Move to the Wireless Security tab and choose WPA2 Personal for the Security Mode.
  9. Enter the password in the Passphrase field and click Save Settings.
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