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AirPods is a Bluetooth device designed for the iPhone and iPad. Pairing your iOS device and the AirPods is quite easy and simple. Even if the AirPods are designed to work with iOS devices, you can also connect them to your PC and other devices if you wish. Follow simple steps given below to know how to connect Airpods. 

  • To connect your AirPods to a PC, first, you need to turn it on. 
  • After turning on the AirPods, enable the Bluetooth option on your PC.
  • Go to your computer’s Bluetooth settings screen and pair both the devices together.

Now, let’s see Steps to connect AirPods (1st and 2nd generation) to Microsoft surface, Nintendo switch, iPad, and more in detail.


Quick steps to connect to Microsoft surface

  • Put the AirPods in their case if you have taken them out.
  • Make sure that the case has enough charge and its lid is closed.
  • Now, turn on your Windows computer and open the Settings window.
  • In the Settings window, navigate to the Devices section and click on the Bluetooth & other devices option.
  • Enable the Bluetooth feature if required.
  • Now, click the Plus button beside the Add Bluetooth or other devices option.
  • In the window titled Add a device, click the Bluetooth option.
  • Now, open your AirPods case’s lid.
  • On the back of the case, you can find a Pairing (small) button.
  • Now, hold down the button and release it only when the Status light of the case starts to blink in white.
  • In the Add a device window on your computer, you can see your AirPods name. Click on it.
  • Now, your Windows computer will try to connect to your AirPods device.
  • Once the pairing is done, a message will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click the Done button.


Nintendo Switch is a gaming console. Generally, you can’t connect your AirPods to the Nintendo switch directly. But, there is an indirect way to connect both the devices together. You can connect your Nintendo Switch to AirPods using a Switch-compatible Bluetooth dongle. You can find several different Bluetooth dongles in the online retail store. Select one of your desire and purchase it. After getting the Bluetooth dongle, perform the below instructions.

  • Connect the Bluetooth dongle to your Nintendo Switch. (Note: If your Bluetooth dongle requires a charge to work, charge it first, and then connect it to the switch.)
  • Now, put your dongle in pairing mode. To do so, refer to your dongle’s user guide. 
  • Once your dongle is in the pairing mode, open the lid of your AirPods case. 
  • Make sure that the they are placed correctly inside the case.
  • Now, hold down your AirPods case’s Pairing button until the status light starts flashing white. 
  • Once the light flashes in white, release the button.
  • It may take 4-6 seconds for the switch and the AirPods to get paired.
  • Once both the devices are paired, the status light of AirPods will turn green.
How To Connect Airpods


  • Enable the Bluetooth feature on your iPad.
  • Open the lid of the AirPods case. 
  • Now, your iPad will automatically detect AirPods and try to pair with them.


  • You can pair two AirPods to one iPhone. To know how in detail, follow the below instructions.
  • First, open the lids of both the AirPods.
  • Next, enable the Bluetooth option on your iPhone.
  • Now, bring your iPhone and AirPods closer.
  • When the pop-up menu opens, choose the AirPods that you want to pair.
  • Now, the music will start playing in the selected set.
  • To pair the second set with the existing one, tap the AirPlay button.
  • Choose the AirPods set that is already paired.
  • Now, you can hear the same music in both sets of AirPods.


  • Enable the Pairing mode on your two AirPods sets.
  • Now, open the Applications/Utilities window on your Mac computer.
  • Open the Audio MIDI Setup window.
  • Click + > Create Multi-Output Device.
  • Now, you can find two AirPods names in the opened window.
  • Select both the AirPods sets and click Connect.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your AirPods to Mac, PC, and iPad.

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