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How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop? - Easy Guide
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How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop?

Create physical documents of spreadsheets, presentations, and other digital copies on your Canon printer. You can easily connect the printer to your laptop and transfer files from the computer to be printed. Control the printer settings right there on your laptop and see it being reflected on the print output. In spite of the slight differences in different laptop brands, all are designed to be work with other brand printers. Read more to know how to connect canon printer to laptop.

If you want to resort to the old school method of connecting the printer to the computer with a USB cable, read below. It is just about using the USB cable to link both the devices. The built-in driver in the Windows comes into play upon the new established wired connection. The printer is recognized and added to the computer’s Devices.

Quick Steps for Canon Printer USB Setup

  • Switch off the Canon printer.
  • “Plug” the USB cable’s one end into the USB port on the printer.
  • Insert the USB cable’s another end into the corresponding USB port on the laptop.
  • Now, turn on the printer.
  • Click Windows > Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Devices & Printers.
  • Select Add a Printer > Local Printer.
  • “Pick” the right printer port for connection.
  • A built-in driver window appears. Choose your printer from it.
  • Enter a name for the printer and hit Next.
  • You can choose to share or not the printer with the other devices in the upcoming window.
  • Select the printer and choose Set as default printer. Click Finish.
How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop?

Detailed Guide for Canon Printer Laptop Connection

Here are the two methods by which the computer and printer are connected over a wireless network. One is the Cableless method, and another is the technique of establishing a network connection using a USB cable.

Wireless Method

  • Tuck the installation CD-ROM that came with your printer into the laptop’s disc drive.
  • Click Next on the initial screen.
  • “Choose” Wireless Connection on the 1-1 Connection method selection screen.
  • Power on the printer and verify that the Power lamp is lit.
  • “Select” Connect to the Network > Cableless Setup.
  • When the Connection via Cableless Setup screen is displayed, press down the printer’s Wi-Fi button until the orange lamp flashes twice.
  • See if the Wi-Fi lamp flashes quickly and that the Power lamp remains lit.
  • Select your region of residence and proceed.
  • Choose the software to be installed and agree to the terms of the license.
  • Upon agreeing to all “Install Wizard” processes, a screen with the printer model and your network name appears.
  • The wireless connection between the laptop and the printer is established.

Wired Method

  • If the printer isn’t detected on the wireless network, select the Set up the network connection via USB option.
  • Click Next. With the supplied USB cable, connect the computer to the printer.
  • You’ll be shown a screen with the name of the Access Point.
  • Tap Yes if this is the correct Access Point.
  • Disconnect the printer from your computer when the Disconnect Cable window shows up.
  • Finish the wired network connection method by clicking Complete.
  • For, instent guidance related how to connect Canon printer to laptop contact our technical experts.
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