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How to Connect Infocus Projector Wirelessly?

The step-by-step procedure to connect Infocus Projector wirelessly is given on this page.

Connect Infocus Projector Wirelessly

Step 1 – Connecting a Dongle

  • Connect a wireless dongle to the USB type A connector on the InFocus projector.

Step 2 – AP Mode

  • Check if the InFocus Projector is turned on.
  • Choose the Type-A from the Source list.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu, select the Wi-Fi option followed by the AP Mode option, and turn it on.
  • This will enable the AP mode on the InFocus projector.
  • Press the Menu button, navigate to Advanced Menu, and select the Setup option followed by the Network Menu option.
  • Check if the SSID of your network and IP address are displayed on the display panel.
  • Choose the LAN option from the Source list.
  • Now, you will see the network page.
  • Find the IP address and the passcode on this page and note down the IP address.

Step 3 – Wireless Connection

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Enter the projector’s IP address in the address field.
  • Choose your desired language and then download EZ display.
  • Use a password to access the Admin page of the InFocus projector.
  • By default, the password is 0000.
  • If you have changed the password already, use that password to access the page.
  • If you don’t remember the InFocus projector’s password, navigate to the Advanced Menu section and select the Setup option.
  • Click the Network option followed by the Restart Network option.
  • This will restore the password. Now, you can use the default password to access the Admin page.

Client Mode

  • If you want to set up the client mode, perform the following steps.
  • Go to the Source list and select the Type-A option.
  • Select Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Client Mode -> On.
  • Choose your wireless network and press the Select/Enter button.
  • Provide the network key and press Menu -> OK -> Connect.
  • Finally, choose the WLAN option from the source list.

Now you successfully connect Infocus Projector wirelessly with other devices.

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