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How to Connect PlayStation VR Controller?

If you are an avid PlayStation gamer, then having the VR controllers is the best thing that is ever to happen to you. With the help of the PS VR controllers, you will be able to enjoy gaming to the extent. It’s a basic interaction device and one of the best devices ever to get released in the gaming arena. Learn how to connect PlayStation VR Controller, using the below instructions.

how to connect PlayStation VR Controller?

The front face of the controller will have the following buttons:

  • Start button
  • Move button
  • Status indicator
  • X button
  • Square shape button
  • Up arrow button
  • Pause button
  • The Main sphere (Sensor)

And, on the rear side, you will the:

  • Reset button
  • The controller
  • The Select button
  • And the Strap holder

The steps to connect the PlayStation controller to the PlayStation device is quite easy. We shall help you with the simple steps to connect the devices so that you can get this done and start your gaming.

  • Connect the USB cable that came along with the VR controller and to one of the two ports on the PlayStation device.
  • Press and hold the PS button (located in the center) to pair it to the PlayStation console.
  • The user profiles that have been created on your PlayStation console will appear on the TV.
  • You can choose a user name from the list or else create a new one for the VR Controller.
  • And there we go, the pairing has been done.
  • Make sure to unplug the USB cable from the VR Controller only when it is fully charged.

The how to connect PlayStation VR Controllerprocess completed successfully. You will now be able to have the best VR gaming experience on your PlayStation device with the help of the VR controller.

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