• How to Connect Playstation VR to PS4

How to Connect Playstation VR to PS4

Connecting a PlayStation VR to a PlayStation 4 console ensures excellent gaming experience. If you are looking for the quick steps to connect your PS VR to the PS4, refer to the steps given below.

How to Connect Playstation VR to PS4
  • You need to turn off your PS4 console and TV first.
  • If you have already connected the TVs HDMI cable to the PS4 console, unplug it.
  • Connect it to the VR processor unit (HDMI input for TV) and plug the PlayStation Camera into the PS4 console’s AUX port.
  • Next, connect one end of the PlayStation VR HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the PS4 console.
  • Connect the other end to the VR processor unit (HDMI output for PS4).
  • Next, connect the PlayStation 4 console and the PlayStation VR processor unit using the supplied micro USB cable.
  • Now, connect the VR processor unit to an electrical outlet using the AC power cord.
  • Connect the PlayStation VR headset to the VR processor unit.
  • Power up the TV and the PlayStation 4 console.
  • Power up the PlayStation VR headset unit by pressing the Power button.
  • Once the headset is connected, the blue indicator light at the back of the PS VR headset unit will glow solid.
  • Once the devices have been connected successfully, configure the PS camera.
  • Ensure that you have positioned the PS camera on the surface level.
  • On the PS4 home screen, navigate to Settings and select the Devices option.
  • Under Devices, select the PlayStation VR option.
  • Select the Adjust PlayStation Camera option and adjust the angle to capture the image on the TV screen.
  • Next, adjust the PS VR headset fitting and configure the necessary settings to continue the gameplay.
  • If you have difficulties regarding how to connect PlayStation VR to PS4 console, contact our technical support team.
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