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How to Connect Wifi WPS Push Button?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a wireless security standard that is built-in most of the routers. WPS allows you to connect other WPS-supported devices like printers, computers, and mobile phones to the wireless router without entering the network credentials. WPS is called as a protected setup because it connects the devices only via the protected Wi-Fi network. There are two ways to use WPS to connect the devices: WPS Push button method and WPS PIN method. You can find the WPS Push button on the router and the other Wi-Fi devices. Learn how to connect Wifi WPS Push button method.

connect Wifi WPS Push button

Step-1: Enable the WPS Push Button

  • Sometimes, you may not have the WPS Push button on your Wi-Fi device. 
  • Go to the Settings page of your device and then navigate to the network settings sections. The options might vary according to your device.
  • Under WPS settings, select or enable the WPS Push button option and save the changes.
  • Similarly, make sure your router has the Push-button. 
  • If the router does not have a physical button, check for a virtual button on the router page.
  • Next, go to the router configuration page to enable the WPS Push button method.
  • Save the settings.

Step-2: Begin the Connection

  • Before starting the connection, keep both the connecting devices nearby.
  • Press the WPS Push button of the router or click the virtual WPS button on the router’s web-based setup page.
  • Within two minutes, press the WPS Push button on the connecting Wi-Fi device or click its virtual button on its page.
  • Now, the Wi-Fi devices will be connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • If you do not press the Push-button within 2 minutes, the Wi-Fi connection process would fail.

Now, you have seen how to connect Wifi WPS Push button method simply.

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