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How To Copy And Paste On Macbook Air?

  • Follow the guidelines on how to do on Macbook air.
  • Copy-paste is one of the commonly used function by most of the computer users. Now, if you want to copy something from a particular location and paste it somewhere else on your computer, you can use the copy-paste function.
  • To know how to use the copy-paste function on your MacBook Air device, read the quick, simple steps given below and proceed with the same.
  • First, select the document. Next, copy the selected document.
  • Now, paste the copied document.
How To Copy And Paste On Macbook Air?

Selecting the sentence, word, the paragraph you wish to copy-paste

  • Locate the word, sentence, or paragraph you wish to copy.
  • Move the mouse cursor to the start or end of the word, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Place one of your left or right hand’s figure on the trackpad and tap once.
  • Now, place your another (second) figure on the trackpad while the first figure still placed.
  • Using your second figure, drag the cursor to select the word, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Now, you have selected the document you wish to copy-paste.

Pasting the copied sentence, word, or paragraph

  • locate a place where you wish to paste the copied word, sentence, or paragraph.
  • locate the command & V buttons and press them at the same time.
  • Now, the copied one will be passed successfully.

Copying the selected document

  • Locate the command and C buttons on your MacBook Air.
  • Press both the command and C buttons at the same time.
  • Now, the selected word, sentence, or paragraph is copied. If you still need assistance on how to copy and paste on Macbook air, Click the call button available on the screen.
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