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How to Downgrade macOS Catalina?

Apple allows you to downgrade macOS 10.15 to an earlier version easily. To Downgrade macOS Catalina to an older version, follow the methods given here:

Method 1-Use Recovery

Utilize this method if you have not bought a new Mac with the latest macOS version. In case you have a system with macOS 10.14 or an older version installed, you can make use of the macOS Recovery tool. You will need a couple of things for the downgrading process:

  • A fast internet connection.
  • A backup before you begin the downgrade because it will erase your startup disk.

Make use of the following instructions for the downgrade:

  • First, shut down your Mac system.
  • Now, power on your system.
  • Immediately, hold the Shift+Option+Command+R keys. Since macOS recovery is loading, the startup might take longer.
  • The macOS Utilities screen will now start loading. Choose the Reinstall macOS option and click the Continue button.
  • Select a startup disk and then click the Install button.
  • Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • When you are done with the installation process, restore the files that you need from the backup.
Downgrade macOS Catalina using Use Recovery method

Method 2-Make Use of the Time Machine

Many people use Time Machine for restoring the old macOS. This method assumes that you have a backup on your Time Machine.

  • First, plug the Time Machine disk into your Mac system.
  • Next, restart your system.
  • Hold the Cmd+R keys during startup in order to enter the macOS recovery mode.
  • Please wait until the macOS Utilities screen loads up.
  • Select Restore from Time Machine Backup. Click the Continue button.
  • On the screen that is displayed next, click the Continue Again button.
  • Choose the Restore Source option, which is the backup drive you plugged into your system.
  • Choose the backup you want to use. Your Time Machine will have different versions of backups, so you have to select the one that you want.
  • To complete the installation, execute the remaining on-screen instructions.
Make use of the Time Machine

Method 3-Use the macOS Installer

  • Downgrade your macOS  Catalina using Installer. This method might be tricky because it is not supported after the release of Mojave.
  • In case you have a Mac device with an older version than Mojave, you can still download the macOS Installer.
  • After downloading the macOS Installer, create a bootable USB drive from the installer file.
  • You can use the USB drive any time you want. An internet connection is not necessary.
Downgrade macOS Catalina using the macOS Installer
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