How to Factory Reset PS4?

Resetting a PS4 device returns it to the original or default factory mode, the state of the device when you purchased it. A Factory reset deletes all your data on the device, so it is better to back up the data on the Cloud using a PlayStation Plus account. Proceed how to factory reset PS4 using the below guidelines.

How to Factory Reset PS4

Reset from Dashboard:

  • After connecting the PS4 to the monitor or TV, turn on the devices.
  • Select the Settings menu on the home screen and then choose Account Management.
  • Click the Sign-in menu, after which you have to enter the Email address and the password to sign in to the account.
  • Now, go to PlayStation Network/Account Management, you can find the account is activated.
  • Below the Activate option, which is grayed, select the Deactivate option and then choose Yes to confirm.
  • The system prompts to sign in with the user account, which is different from the PS4 account.
  • Next, go to the Settings menu and open the Initialization option.
  • Choose the Restore Default Settings option from the given list, after which the settings change to the factory settings.

Reset from Safe Mode:

  • How to factory reset PS4 using Safe mode, follow the instructions. Turn off the PS4 device and then press and hold the power button on the device for 8 seconds.
  • By the time you hear two beeps, the device boots into the Safe mode.
  • A black background appears on the screen, indicating the Safe boot mode.
  • Under the Safe Mode, a list of options will be present; select Restore Default Settings.
  • The PS4 system restores to the default factory settings.
  • In case you want to erase all the data and the software on the PS4 device, choose the Initialize PS4 menu. Following that, select the Full option. After this, you can reinstall the system software.
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