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How To Fix Error Code 8058 On MacOs?

Read this page to know how to fix error code 8058 on macos and the reasons why the error takes place. The error 8058 occurs on Mac OS when you insert a disc into the CD/DVD drive, and the disc is causing the problem on the Mac device. The error conveys the message “The operation can’t be completed. An unexpected error occurred error code.”


  • When the boot files consisting of the system installation and configuration settings on the Mac system is missing, the error occurs on the computer.
  • The disc containing certain corrupted or damaged information can cause trouble to the Mac OS.
  • An internal error on the Mac OS due to the virus or malware intervention leads to the error.


  • If the disc which is inserted into the CD/DVD drive does not eject, even when the physical operation is proper, you can detect that there is a problem.
  • When the system does not respond to the given command or instruction, the system error occurs.
  • The system reacts very slowly for the user action, then it can be the intruder programs.
  • After scanning, use the security software on the computer, and if the malware is present, that can also be one symptom for the error 8058. If you are a Mac user, Check this out for Mac Error Code 19
How To Fix Error Code 8058 On MacOs?


  • If you have inserted the CD and are struggling to eject it, then press the button on the external side of the CD drive panel. This will impose force on the drive to eject.
  • If the ejection does not happen, turn off the Mac computer and restart it to try the ejection again. Note this method can result in data loss, and try this at your own risk.
  • Once you restart the computer, immediately click the Spotlight icon at the right side of the menu bar and search for “Disk Utility.” Allow the system to run the repair for the desired drive.
  • If you could eject the disc, but you lost some important data, then use any data recovery software tool compatible with Mac OS to recover the lost data.
  • Eject the disc by following the steps, restart the Mac computer, and click and hold the mouse button until the disc ejects from the system.
  • Click open the Apple menu and select About This Mac. Following that, pick the Storage option and then choose Manage.
  • Now, the different categories of data are sorted on the left navigation panel, click the Documents menu to find the documents on the system.
  • Search for the unwanted files or problem causing documents, and if the system finds any undesirable file, then remove it from the system storage. If still, you have a query on how to fix error code 8058 on MacOs, Click the call button displayed below.
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