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“No Internet connection” is the worst thing that can happen when you play your favorite online games. Even if the chance for these kinds of issues to occur is low, some people still face Internet connectivity problems.

Some PS4 users have come across one common error code, CE-39984-3, when connecting their console to the Internet. If you’re also facing this error, scroll down this page to know how to fix the error code CE-39984-3.

As said above, the error code CE-39984-3 is displayed on the screen when the user tries to connect their PS4 to the Internet. So, this error is related to the Internet connection of your home network.

Checking and resolving the Internet connection problem

As the first step of troubleshooting the error code CE-39984-3, check your home’s Internet connection status. If the connection is not stable, use the one that is stable and active to connect the PS4 to the network. Make sure that the network settings (that you’re using) are configured correctly.

Disabling the firewall settings

Now, connect the PS4 device to the Internet again. If the same error code is displayed on the screen, check whether your computer’s or network’s firewall is blocking the connection. If yes, bypass the router by connecting it directly to your modem or configure the firewall settings to provide Internet access to your PS4.

Configuring the IP address and DNS settings manually

If your PS4 console is set to use static IP, there is a chance for these kinds of issues to occur. Check if the IP address and DNS settings are configured correctly. To check and configure them (if necessary), follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Settings section of PS4.
  • Select the Network option followed by Set Up Internet Connection. Choose your connection type.
  • On the next screen of the console, select the Custom option.
  • Now, choose the IP Address Settings option as Manual and type the input IP, subnet, and gateway addresses manually in the given fields.
  • Similarly, configure the DNS settings correctly.
  • Save the settings.

Now, try to connect your PS4 gaming console to the Internet.

If you’re encountering the error code CE-39984-3 when using a Wi-Fi hotspot, log in to the wireless hotspot network and then try to connect the PS4 to the Internet.

To log in to the Wi-Fi hotspot, refer to the PS4’s user guide. Open the Settings screen of your PS4 console. Locate and select the User Guide option.

Contact our trained technical experts if you need to know more about fixing the error code CE-39984-3.

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