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How To Fix Mac Error Code 8060?

While trying to access any files on a Mac device, the error might 8060 occurs. This means there is an issue with the system. Consider the solutions below on how to fix Mac error code 8060

How to identify error 8060?

  • You cannot access any file type on the system, or when you try to copy or move the file, the system does not respond.
  • The system freezes while performing any operation.
  • The pop-up error messages continuously interrupt the system operations.
  • The error is present when you cannot find a particular type of file.

Why error 8060 occurs?

  • If the system contains too much junk and temporary files, the error may occur.
  • The error is caused when any system program or application is not closed or deleted properly.
  • Using a system with the old version of the system software can be the reason for the error 8060.
  • Installing an incompatible program and software on the system leads to the error.
  • There is no proper ejection of the externally connected storage devices or other computers.
  • The presence of the malware files and the virus can cause the error on the system. Click here to know about error code 19
How To Fix Mac Error Code 8060?

How to solve error 8060?

  • You can run the disk utility program on Mac to scan for any issues and repair the disks on the system.
  • From the Go menu, choose the Applications option. Following that, select the Utilities menu from the left panel.
  • Then, choose Disk Utility and select the disk name on the left panel of the Disk Utility window.
  • On the right-side panel, go to the First Aid menu and run the disk utility to repair the problem-causing files on the system.
  • Reinstall the Mac software on the corrupted folder by following the steps below:
  • Insert the Bootable CD or flash drive into the system.
  • Now, restart the Mac device, after which the screen displays different options. Click the Install Mac OS X option.
  • Then, press the C key continuously until a window appears on the screen.
  • Next, read the license agreement and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Choose the language of your preference and then select a storage drive that is causing the error.
  • Click Options to list the different options for installation. To save the files on the system, click the Archive to Install option and click Preserve Users and Network Settings.
  • Now, restart the Mac system and proceed with the system prompts.
  • Remove the alias files from the system if you understand a particular folder causes the error.
  • Go to the storage location and open the Source folder, which contains the alias files.
  • Click the View menu on the menu bar and change the settings to as List.
  • Now, the list of files appears. Right-click the alias file and select the Show original tab.
  • Proceed to manage the alias files by following the screen instructions, then finally restart the system.
  • After that, copy the alias files on the system. If still the problem persisting on how to fix Mac error code 8060, then contact our technical team.
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