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How To Fix Mac Error Code 8072?

Although Mac has advanced features, you may get Mac error Code 8072 unexpectedly when you are trying to move some files to the trash folder, or it may also occur when you try to empty trash. This error may also prompt due to corrupted files and malware. Carry out the solutions given below to fix error code 8072 on Max.

Solution 1: Forcibly emptying the Trash folder

  • Locate the Trash icon on the Dock. Then, select the Trash folder and hold it for a few seconds until the context menu is displayed.
  • Press and hold the Shift and Option buttons together on your Mac keyboard. Then, select the Empty Trash option from the list.
  • Open the Trash folder and check whether the folder is entirely empty.
  • Try repeating the action that you first performed when you got the error.
  • If the error prompts again, continue to solve the error by following the other methods.
How To Fix Mac Error Code 8072

Solution 2: Remove your files with Terminal

  • Click the Go menu in the upper bar on the Mac home screen.
  • Select the Utilities option from the list.
  • Locate Terminal and double-click on it to open the Terminal window.
  • Type “rm -r “ in the Terminal window. Ensure that there are two spaces after rm and one space after the r command.
  • Click the Finder icon on the Dock and select the files or folders which you want to delete.
  • Choose the files which you want to delete and drag them to the Terminal window.
  • Once you have selected and moved the files, all the moved files will be permanently deleted.

Solution 3: Fix error 8072 while deleting Time Machine backups

  • If the error 8072 while you deleted the backup files created by the Time Machine feature.
  • Click the Apple menu and select the System Preferences option from the list.
  • Select the Time Machine icon and turn off the slider in the window.
  • Now, you can delete the corrupted files manually. Click here if you are facing the error code 8060

Solution 4: Mac Data Recovery Software

  • If the error prompts again after you have done all the above methods, install the Mac Data Recovery Software to solve the problem.
  • The software scans for any problems and automatically fixes them on your Mac computer. If you have any further queries regarding the Mac error code 8072, Click the call button for remote assistance.
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