• Get Sling TV On Ps4

How to Get Sling TV On Ps4

Sling TV is a media service that allows you to watch live streaming videos and local TV channels on-demand. It is similar to a cable TV service, but here the satellite dish signal is replaced with the Internet. We know that PS4 is a gaming console. Along with it, PS4 also allows you to watch streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. This could make you think about how to Get Sling TV On Ps4. However, that is not possible right now because PS4 does not support Sling TV. 

The Sling TV service is supported on many devices and consoles like Roku TV, Apple TV, Air TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xfinity DVR, Google Chromecast, and Xbox. As of now, we can only visualize enjoying Sling TV on the PS4 console. 

The following steps given below will help you to install Sling TV on Roku TV.

  • After setting up the Roku TV connection, press the Home button on the remote to view the home screen.
  • A list of menus is present on the left panel. You can make use of the navigation keys to scroll down.
  • Select the Search menu and enter “Sling TV” and search for it.
  • When the Sling TV app appears on the screen, click the arrow button at the upper right corner.
  • Select Add Channel, wait until it is added, and then click OK.
  • Now, return to the home screen. Here, you can see the Sling TV app on the right side.
  • If you want to move the Sling TV app to the top of the list, highlight the Sling TV tile, and press the Star button.
  • Select Move channel from the given options to move Sling TV to the top of the list.
How to Get Sling TV On Ps4
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