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How To Get YouTube TV On Samsung Smart TV?

YouTube TV is an app developed by Google that lets you watch local cable TV channels, internet, and live streaming. Since it is a paid service, you can set it up on all your devices, such as computers, phones, tablets, Smart TV, etc. It also works as a regular YouTube app to watch original and trending videos. Setting up the app on your device requires a few simple steps, but it varies for different devices. Read more on how to get YouTube TV on Samsung Smart TV.

Get YouTube TV on Samsung Smart TV

Step-1: Download the App

  • The easiest way to set up the app is to download it on your mobile or computer.
  • Go to the Play Store, search for the YouTube TV app, and tap the Download button.
  • Once the download is complete, open the app to start the setup.

Step-2: Set up the account

  • To try a free trial version, select Free Trial, and sign in with your Google account.
  • Following that, select your region for the recommended local channels and save the settings.

Step-3: Set up the App on the TV

  • The Smart TV 2016 and 2017 models have the YouTube TV app in-built.
  • Turn on the Smart TV and press the Home button on the remote to open the Home screen.
  • Next, press the Apps button and a list of recommended apps will appear on the screen.
  • Find the YouTube TV app using the navigation keys and select it.
  • Move the app to the Home screen for easy access. 
  • Open the app, go to the official YouTube TV Start website on your mobile phone, and type the activation code on your TV screen. 
  • Now, to allow the TV to use the YouTubeTV membership, tap Allow.

Now you successfully get YouTube TV on Samsung Smart TV.

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