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How To Install QODBC Driver For Quickbooks?

The QODBC driver enables you to read and write QuickBooks accounting data files using the standard SQL queries. If you want to install the QODBC driver for QuickBooks, continue to read the following sections. This article can guide you through the complete procedure of downloading and installing the QODBC driver in QuickBooks.

How To Install QODBC Driver For Quickbooks

Download QODBC Driver

    • On your computer, launch your browser and visit the official support page of QODBC.
    • Enter the required details and click the Download QODBC online button.
    • Follow the instructions and complete the download procedure. Once the download gets completed, you can access it in the Downloads folder.

Installation Procedure 

  • Once the download gets over, navigate to the Downloads folder and run the setup file.
  • Click the Installation program to install the driver and choose the destination directory to install the QODBC support files; then, click on the OK button to continue.
  • Once the QODBC driver for QuickBooks is installed on your computer, you can start using it immediately.

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Set Up QODBC Driver

  • Launch QuickBooks and click on the File tab. Choose Utilities followed by Configure ODBC.
  • Click on the General tab and choose Use the Company file that’s now open in QuickBooks.
  • Enter QuickBooks Data in the Data Source Name field.
  • Choose Test Connection to QuickBooks. Only when you sign in to your company file as Admin, you can run the test connection.
  • When the Test Connection to QuickBooks Successful screen appears, click on the OK button followed by Apply.
  • Go to the Messages tab and uncheck the box next to the Detail Tracing (Slow) option. Also, select the Display Optimizer Status Panel checkbox.
  • Once you’ve made all the changes, click on the Apply button.
  • Now, go to the Optimizer tab and choose the checkbox next to the Use Optimizer option.
  • The default Optimizer file path is %AppData%\ODBC Driver for QuickBooks\Optimizer, and it is the most recommended path to use the optimizer file.
  • Now, choose The start of every query and click on the Apply button.
  • Finally, click OK and complete the configuration of the QODBC driver.

In this manner, you can install the QODBC driver for QuickBooks. If you have any other queries, get back to us.

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