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How To Install Quickbooks On Another Computer?

QuickBooks is a popular accounting tool used by financial management firms. QuickBooks is prone to be so user-friendly, but at the same time, it can also have its fair share of errors.
When it comes to QuickBooks, some fantastic features are way beyond expectations. Apart from just being an accounting application, it possesses remote access features, remote payroll assistance, and outsourcing functions. QuickBooks also has an online banking and mapping feature with the help of Google Maps.
Now, if you want to move your QuickBooks data from your old computer to a new computer, you have to install QuickBooks on another computer, for starters.
Here are the simple steps to know how to install QuickBooks on another computer.

How To Install Quickbooks On Another Computer

Install Quickbooks On Second Computer

  • Open the secondary computer.
  • Open the default browser.
  • Click the address bar of the browser.
  • Enter the QuickBooks support page URL in the address bar, then press the Enter button.
  • Download the QuickBooks tool.
  • Once the download is complete, perform a double-click on the QuickBooks.exe file.
  • Follow the commands on the screen.
  • Agree to the main terms and conditions and click Next .
  • Enter the product and license number, then press Next .
  • Click the Help menu.
  • Select Activate QuickBooks Desktop .
  • Verify your information on the screen.

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QuickBooks Migration Tool

If you are using the QuickBooks version 2018 or later, you can use the QuickBooks Migration Tool. To use the QuickBooks Migration Tool, you need a USB flash drive.

Create a backup

  • Open QuickBooks on your old computer.
  • Click the File menu.
  • Select Utilities .
  • Go on to select the Move QuickBooks to another computer option.
  • Choose I’m Ready and then create a password.
  • Follow the commands on the screen and create a backup of the company file.
  • Copy the backup file to your flash drive.

Migrate Files To Your New Computer

  • Insert the existing flash drive into your new computer.
  • Open the flash drive to view the contents.
  • Perform a double-click on the file that goes by the name Move_QuickBooks.bat.
  • This will start the migration process.
  • Enter the password you created earlier (mentioned in the previous process).
  • Select Let’s go .
  • Wait for the migration to finish (This is purely based on the internet speed and the size of the file).

Follow the simple process given above to know how to install QuickBooks on another computer.

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