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Fixed: How To Install QuickBooks On Mac

If you have chosen QuickBooks, then you are about to use one of the best accounting software. QuickBooks will make your work easier. It is available with some features that are exclusively available for Mac users. A few of the features include the following: automatic reminders in iCalender, timely notification in the menu bar, and auto contacts sync in address book. Now lets see how to install quickbooks on mac in detail.

How To Install QuickBooks On Mac

Setting up and installing the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac involves a few simple steps that are given below:

  • Get a proper Internet connection to download the software.
  • Download, install, and update the product if needed.
  • Register your Product.
  • Keep your license number with you.
  • If you have purchased online, you can find the license number in your confirmation email.
  • If you have a physical copy, look for a scratch-off card that came along with it.
  • Scratch the label, and you can see the license and product number printed on it.

Steps To Install Quickbooks On Mac

To start the installation process, you need to download the QuickBooks software from the official website.

  • Go to the QuickBooks support site and choose your Mac version.
  • If you have purchased from the shop, you can use the CD installer.
  • Close all running applications.
  • Installation can be done in two methods—via website or CD drive.
  • Via Website :Double click the downloaded installer
  • Via CD drive :Insert the CD that you have bought with QuickBooks software into the Mac CD drive; this will automatically open the QuickBooks installation window.
  • Drag the QuickBooks icon to the Applications folder.
  • The last step is to double-click the QuickBooks icon and open the application.
  • Upgrading and converting the company file
  • If required, update the company file to work in the newer version.
  • Open the company file in the newer version.
  • Now, the QuickBooks software prompts to update or convert the company file.
  • Click Upgrade.
  • On the pop-up screen, click Ok.
  • Finally, check the balance, reports, and accounts to ensure the correct company file is converted.

You’ve now seen how to install QuickBooks on Mac.

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