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How to Merge Fortnite Account?

Fortnite is an online game that offers high-class gaming experience. In Fortnite, the players must create an account to play a game. If a player has multiple accounts, then there is a chance for the player to encounter an error while accessing the account. To fix this issue, Fortnite has launched a feature named Account Merge. This feature lets the players merge all their accounts into one. To perform how to merge Fortnite accounts, follow the instructions given below.

How to Merge Fortnite Account
  • First, determine a primary (for example, PlayStation) and secondary (Switch) console accounts.
  • Primary console account: Console that holds the purchases and you use it as a priority.
  • Secondary console account: Console that does not hold any purchase.
  • Upgrade your Primary & Secondary accounts to new epic accounts by following the instructions given below.
  • Make sure to perform the below steps for both the console (primary & secondary).
  • From your computer’s web browser, go to the official site of the Epic games sign-in page.
  • Select the console (primary or secondary) type on the Sign-in page.
  • To create the new Epic account, you will be prompted to select your place of residence. Following that enter your first name, last name, e-mail address, and password.
  • Make sure to enable the I have read and agree to the terms of services option.
  • Click the SAVE CHANGES button.
  • Now, an Epic account for your console accounts will be created.
  • The next step is to unlink the secondary account from its Epic account.
  • Visit the Epic account login page.
  • Enter your secondary console account credentials in the given fields to sign in.
  • After signing into your secondary account, locate the Account option and click the dropdown arrow beside it.
  • Click the Connected Account tab.
  • Locate the secondary console (Switch) and click the DISCONNECT button beside it.
  • To continue the process, click the Unlink button after agreeing to the conditions displayed on the screen.
  • Now, merge your secondary console to the Epic account that is associated with your primary account.
  • Go to the Sign-in page of Epic games.
  • In the login page, enter your primary console account credentials in the given field.
  • Click the Sign in button.
  • Locate and click the Connected Accounts tab.
  • Click the CONNECT button under your Secondary console.
  • This will merge all your Fortnite accounts into one. The how to merge Fortnite account process successfully completed.
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