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How To Print From Windows 10 Mail

How To Print From Windows 10 Mail

You can easily print an email from your Windows 10 Mail app using the few simple steps given below:

  • First, open the Mail app on your computer. To do this step, you have to go to the Start menu and then to the All apps or Tiles section.
  • Next, open the email message that you wish to print.
  • Now, you have to launch the Print window. To do this task, carry out these instructions:
  • With your email message kept open on your screen for reading, you will find the Overflow icon (or the icon with the three horizontal dots) above the message. Click on this icon.
  • A menu with some options will be displayed on your screen. The fourth option will be Print. Select the Print option.
  • The Print window will now pop up.
  • You can now add your printer to your computer, in case you have not added it previously. To add the printer, follow these steps:
  • You have to confirm that you have connected your printer and your computer.
  • In the current window, select the +Add a printer option.
  • In the window that displays next, click on the +Add a printer or scanner option.
  • Now, your Windows 10 computer will detect the printer you have connected.
  • The next step is to select your printer and then click on the Print button at the bottom.
  • Your printer will now start its work. The email that you have opened will now get printed.

You have now successfully printed an email from your Windows 10 Mail app.

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