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How to Program DIRECTV Remote to TV?

On this web page, we’ll show you how to program DIRECTV remote to TV. Before you start, identify the remote that you have. It can be either a Standard Universal Remote Control or the DIRECTV Genie remote.

Programming a DIRECTV Universal Remote:

  • On your DIRECTV remotes controller, press the Menu button.
  • Now, select the Parental Favs & Setup option followed by System Setup. Choose Remote or Remote Control > Program Remote.
  • A list of devices like DVD/Blu-ray player, DVR, gaming console, soundbar, TV, etc., will be listed on the screen.
  • Select your device and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If the name of your device is not listed, enter its code manually in the given field to complete the programming process.
  • Now, change your TV’s input source by sliding the DIRECTV remote’s mode switch to TV.
  • On the remote, press and hold the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously. 
  • As soon as the green light flashes twice, release both the buttons. 
  • Now, in the given field, enter 960. 
  • If the green light flashes twice again, then the setup process has been completed.

Programming a Genie Remote to a DIRECTV Ready TV

  • Turn your Genie DVR on.
  • Now, press and hold the Mute and Enter buttons at the same time.
  • Wait for the green light on the remote to blink twice.
  • Once it happens, the message saying Applying IR/RF setup should appear on the TV screen.
  • Now, turn your DIRECTV Ready TV on.
  • This time, hold the Mute and Select buttons simultaneously. 
  • Now, the green light should blink twice again. If not, there is a problem. Identify the problem and fix it.
  • Enter your manufacturer’s code in the given field and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

To get remote assistance on how to program DIRECTV remote to TV, contact us.

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