• Program Xfinity Remote to TV

How to Program Xfinity Remote to TV?

Follow the procedure given below to perform how to program Xfinity Remote to TV.

How to Program Xfinity Remote to TV

Step 1: Pairing remote with the setup box

  • Turn On your TV to begin the pairing process.
  • Press the Setup button on the bottom-left corner of the remote. Hold the button till the remote LED on top changes from red to green.
  • Press the Xfinity button and release it to view the three-digit code on the TV screen.
  • Type the same code using the remote buttons. Press the OK button to pair the remote to the setup box.

Step 2: Programming remote to your TV

  • Note down the TV manufacturer’s code to program the remote.
  • You can search for your TV’s code on the official Xfinity site by selecting your remote and TV manufacturer.
  • Press the Setup button on the remote. Hold the button till the red LED changes to green.
  • Enter your TV’s manufacturer code with the help of the number buttons on the remote.
  • If you have entered the correct code, the LED on the top of the remote flashes twice in green after detecting the TV.
  • Now, your TV works well with the Xfinity remote.
  • You can access and change the channels and control your TV with the remote.

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