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How to Record Phone Calls on Android Devices?

Record phone calls on Android is essential when you receive an unknown number or scam incoming calls. But make sure that is it legal in your country before recording calls. On your Android mobile, you can easily record the phone calls by merely tapping the Record button (if available). Some Android mobiles have this feature on their phone pad to easily record calls while speaking to the person on call. If your Android mobile does not have this feature, then you can use the Google Voice feature or a third-party app to record the incoming calls.

Record Phone Calls on Android

Call Recording using Google Voice App:

  • On your Android mobile, make sure that you have a Google Voice account before accessing the call recording feature.
  • If you don’t have a Google Voice account, create one.
  • After creating the Google Voice account, navigate to the Google Voice page and tap the More icon.
  • Tap the Settings option from the displayed menu.
  • In the Settings window, select Calls from the left-side panel.
  • Under Calls, toggle on the Incoming call options button.
  • Once you have enabled this setting, you can record the incoming calls by pressing the Num 4 key.
  • To stop the recording, hit the Num 4 key again.
  • Your recordings will be automatically saved in the Google Voice app.

Call Recording using Third-Party Apps:

  • You can also record phone calls on Android mobile using third-party apps such as Automatic Call Recorder, TapeACall, Smart Call Recorder, and Cube Call Recorder.
  • This method shows how to install the Automatic Call Recorder app and record your incoming phone calls.
  • On your Android, turn on the Internet and tap the Google Play Store icon.
  • In the Google Play Store window, type “Automatic Call Recorder” in the search panel and tap the Search icon.
  • Click the Download button near Automatic Call Reader and wait until the app is downloaded.
  • Next, tap the Open button followed by Install.
  • Once you have installed the app, the incoming calls will be recorded automatically.
  • To turn off the call recording feature, launch the Automatic Call Recorder app. Locate the More icon on the screen and tap it.
  • Select Settings and tap Record calls Off.
  • You can also choose your recording formats such as AMR, 3GP, and WAV from the app.
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