How to Scan a Document on Canon Printer?

Much of the Canon printers are designed for two-sided scanning. The scanned files can be converted into multiple formats. Read below to scan and convert documents into searchable digital copies via a single-pass duplex document feeder. On the printer, scanning can be performed from a computer, access point, or the operation panel of the machine itself. Make sure to install the necessary software before proceeding how to scan a document on Canon printer from the computer or other mobile devices.

Quick Steps for Scanning from Computer

  • Connect your Canon printer to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Turn on the printer with the Power button.
  • “Pull up” the scanner’s lid and place the paper on the tray.
  • Keep the document face-down on the scanner glass.
  • Pull down the scanner lid and firmly shut it.
  • On your Windows computer, go to “Start > Fax and Scan > New Scan”.
  • Choose your printer model in the Scanner option.
  • Configure the scan settings and click Preview.
  • Hit Scan.
How to Scan a Document on Canon Printer

Detailed Steps for Canon Printer Scan Function

Placing Originals

  • Keep the item face down on the platen.
  • Leave 0.4-inch space between the edges of the platen and the document.
  • If multiple documents are to be scanned, keep them each at a gap of 0.4 inches from each other.
  • A maximum of 12 documents is allowed on the scanner glass.

Launch the Scanner Software

  • Access Start> All Programs > Canon Utilities.
  • Start IJ Scan Utility on your computer.

Configure Settings

  • Click Settings and change the paper size, resolution, for scanning.
  • Pick the mode of scanning.
  • Choosing the Auto, Document, and Photo options will perform scanning with the default settings.

Customize Settings

  • Tap Custom to set your favorite values for scanning.
  • You get to choose the Resolution, Data Format, and destination.
  • The application to which the scan output has to be sent is also chosen.

Image Stitch:

  • Stitch feature is opted when the original document is bigger than the platen.
  • In such cases, the original is scanned in halves and then combined.
  • Modify the Output Size, Scan Image 1, and Scan Image 2.
  • Select Scan from Left in the Scan Direction.
  • Position the item to be displayed on the left and click Start Scanning Image 1.
  • Repeat the above procedure with the other half and click Start Scanning Image 2.
  • Use the Toolbar to adjust the position of the image.
  • Click Save.

Multiple Originals

  • The Auto feature in IJ Scan Utility can detect the presence of multiple originals.
  • So, set the mode as Auto if multiple documents/photos are to be scanned.
  • Or head to Custom Scan > Select Source > Paper Size (Auto Scan) > OK.

Check the Scan Results

  • Select Settings > Photo Scan > Check Scan Results > OK.
  • Modify the image order or file save options as preferred.

Send Scanned Files via E-mail

  • Within the Application Settings, access Attach to e-mail.
  • Click OK.
  • Enter the recipient address, subject, and message.
  • The mail settings have to be configured in the e-mail settings.
  • For, more info related how to scan a document on Canon printer contact our experts.
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