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How To Screenshot On Chromebook?

For a person who has been using a Windows or Mac computer, switching over to a Chromebook might be confusing. Taking screenshots on a Chromebook might also be a new experience. This is because the keyboard of a Chromebook will look different from that on a Mac or Windows computer. However, taking screenshots on Chromebooks will still be an easy task because you can use the shortcut keys to achieve the task. These keys are very easy to use and remember. Let us now look into the methods to know how to screenshot on Chromebook.

How To Screenshot On Chromebook

Chromebook Full Page Screenshot

If you wish to take chrome full page screenshot, press the Ctrl and the Show Windows keys simultaneously.
You can easily find the Show Windows key on the top row of the keyboard.
It will have a rectangle with two lines on the right side.
This is the equivalent of the F5 key on a Windows keyboard.

To Capture A Section Of The Screen

If you want to take a screenshot of a portion of the screen, use the Ctrl+Shift+Show Windows key combination. Now, the cursor will change into a crosshair.
You have to click and drag this crosshair until the section of the screen you want is highlighted. Finally, let go of the crosshair.

You have now seen how to take screenshot on laptop Chromebooks. Continue reading to know where to look for the screenshots you have just captured.

Location Where The Screenshots Are Saved

Once you have finished taking the screenshot, you might see a copy of the same in a pop-up window. However, this will vary according to the Chrome version you use. From this pop-up window, you can quickly copy the screenshot to your clipboard.

The screenshots that you capture will usually go to the Downloads folder on the Chromebook by default. Chrome will label the screenshots with the date and time at which they were captured.

Steps To access the Downloads folder

  • Go to the Launcher located at the left corner of your display. Choose this Launcher.
  • Locate the Files icon under the Search field. In case you cannot see it, use the Up arrow to locate the icon.
  • The Files icon will take you to the file manager.
  • Go to the My Files category on the left pane. Click on My Files.
  • You will see the Downloads folder here. All the screenshots you have captured will be saved in this folder.
  • You have successfully taken screenshots on a Chromebook.
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