• Set Up a Local Dns Host

How to Set Up a Local Dns Host File on Mac OS X

How to Set Up a Local Dns Host File on Mac OS X

Carry out these step by step instuctions to install the Xcode on Mac 10.13 computer(Local Dns Host File on Mac OS X)

  • Setting up a local DNS can be useful while working in a production environment.
  • To set up the DNS host file in Mac is quite simple. Follow the steps given below.
  • Open the Terminal Windows.
  • The terminal windows option comes under the Applications and Utility option.
  • Once the terminal window opens, enter the following command given below to open the local host file.
  • $ Sudo nano /ets/hosts
  • The sudo command requires the admin password to open the file as root.
  • To add a new hostname in the Host file of the terminal window, enter the following command
  • IP Address Host example.domain.com
  • You can now save the changes in the host file by pressing Shift key + Z (Twice).
  • The moment you click save changes, the Mac will process the above changes, and the effect will take place.
  • You can check the changes by going to the browser and notice if the development environment opens up instead of the production page.
  • Follow the above steps to ensure that the local DNS host file is set up Successfully.

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