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How to Set Up Computer?

Computer is the key to a wide world of information and opportunities. Setting it up isn’t as dreadful as it appears. Check out our How to Set Up Computer guide to quickly complete the setup process.

Quick Steps for New Computer Set Up

  1. Check if the “accessories” enlisted in the carton are available within it.
  2. Let the “battery charge completely” before the “initial setup”.
  3. Fire up the laptop after the battery is fully charged.
  4. Employ an Ethernet cable to connect the laptop to a wireless network.
  5. In case of absence of Ethernet port, click the Wi-Fi icon.
  6. Select the Network name and hit connect.
  7. The “wireless network connection” is established once the password is input.
  8. Download and install your “Operating System updates” when prompted.
  9. Anti-virus, Word processor, and Browser are essential programs that are to be installed on your laptop.
  10. Customize the desktop background and settings of your laptop.

How to Set Up Computer

How to Start a Computer?

  1. Power up your desktop/laptop by connecting it to a power socket.
  2. “Switch on” the surge protector if you use one.
  3. Find the Power button of the computer and flip it.
  4. In case of a desktop computer, switch on the monitor as well.
  5. Wait while you hear the internal fan and disc drive spinning.
  6. The monitor lights up and requests you to enter the password.

How to Restart a Computer?

  1. Make sure to save all the running programs in the background before restarting the computer.
  2. Perform the keyboard combination “Ctrl + Alt+ Del” while the laptop/desktop is on.
  3. Choose to restart among the many options displayed.
  4. Or use the mouse to click the Power icon.
  5. Move to Restart and click it.

Computer Setup and Repair Guidance

How to Set Up Computer is quite easy with a little help from the step-by-step guide provided on our site. So is repairing a faulty computer as well. Majority of the computer issues can be solved with a little diligence.

How Do I Protect my Computer?

Computer protection is protecting your computer against unauthorized intrusions and other security threats. This includes employing Anti-virus software, update packages, security tool, and everyday safety practices.

Computer Protection for Windows

  1. Windows computers/laptops come with either “Windows Defender Security” or “Windows Defender Anti-virus”.
  2. Run “Windows update” to keep your computer safe and secure.
  3. Apart from having in-built security software, it is highly recommended to have an Anti-virus software installed on your Windows computer.
  4. Install the “Windows updates” as and when prompted.
  5. Enable the “Windows Firewall” to protect your PC against unwanted Internet attention.
  6. Set automatic updates in your browser.
  7. Take caution not to open the phishing emails.
  8. Install the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool and run it.

Computer Protection for Mac

Mac computers are known for their security, yet with the growing population of Mac users and equally rising hackers, experts advice Mac owners to safeguard their devices more carefully than ever.

  1. Use two accounts: admin account and standard account in your Mac PC.
  2. Disable the Automatic Login feature in your device.
  3. Since Adobe Flash Player is abundant with vulnerabilities, experts suggest uninstalling it.
  4. Make use of a “password manager” to get hold of the complex passwords whenever required.
  5. Install and run a “two-way firewall protection”.
  6. Check and “install the system updates” often.
  7. “Go through” your Security and Privacy settings to make the necessary changes.

How to make Google my Homepage?

  1. How to Set Up Computer Google Hompage. On your browser, find the Tools icon at the far-right corner.
  2. Select Internet options > General tab > Search > Settings.
  3. Pick Google and set it as the home page

Where to find Connected Devices on Windows?

You can view the devices connected to your computer as follows.

  • On Windows, choose Start > Settings > Devices > Connected Devices.
  • Scroll down the list to see all the devices connected to the system.
  • You can also use the USB device View software by Nirosoft to see the list of all devices connected till date to the system.

How to Setup Dual Monitors Windows?

  • Power up the second monitor and connect it to an available port on your PC.
  • Right-click the desktop > Screen Resolution/ Display Settings.
  • Specify the number of screens you wish to manage, i.e., 2.
  • Decide how the two screens want to work together on the Multiple Displays drop-down menu.
  • To treat both the screens as one, choose Extend these displays.
  • The How to Set Up Computer Dual Monitor Windows process is successfully completed.
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