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How to Share Wifi Password from iPhone to Android?

You can Share Wifi Password from iPhone to Android phone conveniently. This action will allow your friends to access the Wi-Fi without the need to type in the password several times.Are you curious to know what steps are involved in doing the above task? You have, indeed, come to the right place.Continue reading to find out how to share your Wi-Fi password from an iPhone 6, 7, 8, or X to an Android phone:The main task at hand is to create a QR code on your iPhone. You can achieve this using the Visual Code app. When an Android device scans the QR code, it will get connected to the Wi-Fi. Continue reading to know the steps involved…

Share Wifi Password from iPhone to Android
  • On your iPhone, open the Wi-Fi settings and then get connected to the network. Find out the Wi-Fi Network Name or the SSID. Then, note it down somewhere.
  • Next, go to your Apple App Store and then download the Visual Code app. Install the same on your iPhone.
  • Now, launch the Visual Code app.
  • To create your QR code, tap the Add Code button.
  • The Add Code screen will now appear. Go to the section that says, “…or create code with action:”
  • At the bottom of this section (mentioned in the previous step), you will find the Connect To Wi-Fi option. Tap this option.
  • On the Create Code screen that displays, go to the Wi-Fi Details section, enter your Wi-Fi Network Name or SSID (which you have noted down previously).
  • Next, enter your Password and Security Type. Finally, you have to enter the QR code label.
  • On the pop-up that appears on your screen, tap the Create Code button.
  • Confirm all the changes made.
  • After you have finished creating the QR code, it will get stored in the QR code library (automatically).
  • If required, tap this code to view the full-size QR code.
  • To share the QR code with other devices like an Android phone, you just have to tap the Share button.
  • Now, get hold of your Android phone. Navigate to your Google Play Store and download the QR Visual Code from the Play Store.
  • Next, open and scan the code that you have created a few minutes back.
  • The final step is to connect the Android phone to Wi-Fi. To do this, tap the Connect button on your Android phone.

You have now successfully connected your Android phone to Wi-Fi.

Hereafter, your friends will be able to access this Wi-Fi conveniently without the hassle of entering the password too many times.

We have now finished discussing the steps to Share Wifi Password from iPhone to Android phone.

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