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How to Transfer Photos from Iphone to Mac Computer?

Having a lot of photos on your iPhone might be consuming a lot of storage. In such cases, you can transfer your photos to your Mac computer and free the storage of the iPhone.When you want to transfer the photos on your iPhone to a Mac computer, you can transfer the data directly by connecting both the devices. Another option is to use the iCloud Photo feature, which will let you access your photos from your iPhone and Mac computer.Follow these steps how to transfer photo from iPhone to Mac.

Import photos from iPhone to Mac:

Using this method, you can directly transfer your photos. For this, you will be making use of the built-in Photos app. The steps to import the photos are given below.

  • Check whether the iTunes app on your Mac is updated to the latest version. To import photos, the iTunes on Mac must be of the version 12.5.1 or later.
  • Take a lightning cable, and plug the USB end of the lightning cable to the USB port on your Mac computer.
  • Connect one end of it to the lightning port of the iPhone
  • Now, enter the passcode on your iPhone and tap the Trust option when prompted.
  • Open the Photos app on your Mac computer, select your iPhone. This will show all your photos.
  • Select the folder to import your data.
  • Then, select the photos and click the Import button.
  • If you want to import all your photos, then click the Import all button.
how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

Access photos using iCloud Photos:

Using the iCloud Photos app, you can access all your photos over the cloud. The changes you make to the iCloud Photos will be reflected across all your devices. Make sure that you access iCloud Photos using the same Apple id on all your devices.

How to turn on iCloud Photos on iPhone?

To transfer or sync your photos from iPhone to Mac via iCloud Photos, you must turn it on. Follow the steps given here to turn on iCloud Photos on your iPhone.

  • Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap the iCloud option.
  • Choose Photos.
  • Now, turn on iCloud Photos by tapping the toggle button near it.

How to turn on iCloud Photos on Mac?

Follow the steps mentioned below to turn on iCloud Photos on your Mac computer.

  • Launch the Photos application on your Mac.
  • Make sure your Mac computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Click the Photos menu at the top.
  • Select the Preferences option from the list.
  • Now, click the iCloud tab and then click the checkbox near the iCloud Photo Library option.
  • You can also set the option to download the photo to your Mac computer.
  • Now, whenever a photo is taken on your iPhone, it will be added to the iCloud Photo Library automatically and can be viewed or downloaded on your Mac computer if the iCloud Photo Library is turned on.
  • By using these steps we can transfer photos from iPhone to mac.
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