• How to Transfer Quickbooks

How to Transfer Quickbooks to a New Computer

You can transfer QuickBooks in two ways, using the migrator tool and manually installing QuickBooks to a new computer.

METHOD 1 – Using Migrator Tool

Old Computer

  • After opening the main interface of the QuickBooks software on an old computer, move the cursor to the File tab and then click it.
  • Click Utilities followed by the Move QuickBooks to another computer button.
  • Select the I’m Ready button.
  • After creating a one-time password, select the USB drive that you want to use for transferring QuickBooks from the old computer to the new computer.
  • Wait for some time to copy all the files.

New Computer

  • First, insert the USB flash drive on the new computer.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to install the QuickBooks software on a new computer by double-clicking the Move_QuickBooks.bat file.
  • Type the one-time password that you have created on your old computer.
  • Click the Let’s Go button.
  • Wait until the migration process is over.
  • The time taken to finish the migration process of QuickBooks depends on the internet speed of the new computer.

METHOD 2 – Installing Quickbooks Manually

  • Visit the manufacturer site.
  • After specifying the country, product, and version, click the Download button to download the QuickBooks software on the new computer.
  • After installing the QuickBooks software on the new computer,click File Open or Restore Company Restore a backup copy Next Local Backup Next.
  • You have to select the destination path to save the backup file from the Look In drop-down menu.
  • Once you name the backup file as Company Name .qbb in the appropriate field, click Open Next.
  • Now, select a location to save the restored file from the Save In drop-down menu.
  • Enter the file name in the File Name field. Click Save.
Transfer Quickbooks to New Computer

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