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How To Turn Off Google Smart Lock

On average, mobile users unlock their phones up to 110 times a day. It can be a real hassle, especially during the busiest hours of your day. That is why Google came up with Google Smart Lock for devices associated with Google. It is a useful feature to balance between security and convenience.The downside of this feature, though, is that there’s no master password to it. This essentially means anybody with access to your computer could find your passwords. Also, the number of apps that support Smart Lock is very less. Another reason users disable Smart Lock is the trust factor they place on Google.

On Chrome

  1. Go to the browser settings on Chrome and click the three-dot menu at the upper right corner.
  2. Locate the Passwords and forms option > Manage passwords.
  3. Side the option for Offer to Save passwords off.
  4. Repeat the same procedure for Auto Sign-in as well.

On Android device

  This simple procedure resembles almost the same as the above-mentioned one.

  1. Unlock your Android phone and open Settings.
  2. Find Passwords within Basics and click it.
  3. Toggle the button for Save Passwords option.
  4. Turn off the Auto Sign-In option as well.

Delete The Saved Passwords

  1. On Chrome, visit Password Manager and click the Delete icons against the corresponding apps and their usernames.
  2. Click More > History > History.
  3. Hit Clear browsing data on the left. A box opens.
  4. Pick the history to be deleted.
  5. Or select All time to clear the complete history.
  6. Within the Advanced section, you’ll find the Password option.
  7. Check it and the Cached images and files option.
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