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How to Unlock Android device with Dead Screen?

Maintaining the mobile phone is a high-priority event for every one of us. Nowadays, most of the smartphones have touch-screen displays. Even with so much protection, the mobile phone screen can go dead when it handled roughly or dropped accidentally. When the mobile display does not work or respond, you are put in a situation to replace it. In case you want to unlock Android device with dead screen, consider the below solutions.

Method 1: Pattern-Locked Device 

  • For this method, you need to get an OTG adapter and a mouse.
  • Switch off the mobile phone and connect a mouse to it using an OTG cable.
  • Turn on the mobile and wait until the phone detects the mouse.
  • Once the mouse is detected, use the mouse to draw the pattern to unlock the mobile phone.
unlock Android device with dead screen

Method 2: Using ADB Software

  • The Android Debug Bridge software is popular for its recovery features. It communicates with the mobile through the line command in a UNIX shell terminal and enables to modify the phone programs & applications. 
  • Firstly, download the ADB software on your computer. 
  • Connect the computer and the mobile phone using a USB cable and make sure the USB Debugging feature is enabled on the phone.
  • Next, open the software package and begin the installation. 
  • When a terminal window opens up on the screen, input the below command lines and press the Enter key after each line.
  • adb shell
  • echo “persist.service.adb.enable=1”
  • >>/system/build.prop
  • echo “persist.service.debuggable=1”
  • >>/system/build.prop
  • echo “persist.sys.usb.config=mass_storage,adb”
  • >>/system/build.prop”
  • Once the commands run and the result appears in the window, reboot the Android mobile device.
  • Now, the mobile display will be cast on the computer screen.
  • Select the files and folders in the terminal window you want to recover.

Method 3: Screen Lock Removal Tool

Third-party software can unlock Android device with dead screen, after which you can access the data on it.

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