• Update Mac to 10.14.6

How to Update Mac to 10.14.6

To update the macOS to the macOS Mojave 10.14.6, use any of the two methods to perform the update.

How to Update Mac to 10.14.6

Using System Preferences:

  • Click on the Apple icon at the left corner of the dock.
  • A list of options displays, choose the System Preferences option.
  • In the System Preferences window, open the Software Update menu.
  • The system checks for the new updates in the Software Update window. If the latest update indicating macOS 10.14.6 appears in the window, then click the More info menu to know more about the macOS software.
  • Check if your Mac device is connected to the internet, then click the Install Now button to start updating the software.
  • If the system prompts to restart the software, select the Download & Restart button,
  • Wait until the new update gets downloaded on the system, after which the system restarts to update the macOS successfully.

Using the App Store:

  • Select the Apple menu on the menu bar on the dock.
  • Choose the App Store option. The App Store application launches on the screen.
  • Click on the Updates icon at the top of the window, and the newly available updates are shown below.
  • Below Update Software, find the macOS 10.14.6 version and click the Update button to start the update.
  • Next, the software installer window launches itself on the screen. Continue the installation steps to upgrade the software.

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